LED Christmas Lights

At any time of year, people put so much emphasis on a decorated home, as in advent. Everywhere shine lights, Schwibbögen and luminous Windows images. Many people would prefer light up their entire homes can be – but that can afford these days any more. Even the traditional Christmas lights can sometimes smoke the electricity meter. The solution?

Advantages of LED Christmas lights

The LED versions are admittedly still more expensive in comparison to normal lights. Who deals but something to do with the topic, will realize that to this acquisition is definitely worth. Because actually you save with LEDs – and this money can be spent better especially at Christmas.

Source: Bestcraftblog.com

The mileage is surprisingly high: the small crystals of semiconductor burn compared to their predecessors in power up to 100 times longer. This means a life expectancy of about 20 years. Already, this factor is actually a buying criterion, because how often conventional incandescent lamps and fairy lights had to be replaced?

The environmental performance

The small LED lights are real but not only durable, but also spenders. About 80 percent less electricity swallow them when compared to the older colleagues. This is impressively present themselves on the basis of a small data sample: burn two lights, each ten metres long, about six weeks daily at 12 hours, falling electricity costs about 30 euros . The same variation in LED fails with only Six euros.

In addition, LEDs unnecessarily waste no energy in the form of heat, as previously was the case. They also contain also mercury – in contrast to other energy-saving lamps. Thus, the health risk for falling down is really low.

Beautiful lights – not only on the tree!

Classic on the tree

We think of fairy lights, a large, beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the sense of coming us immediately, of course. A safe and delightful at the same time variant for those who are real candles are literally too hot is here to work with fairy lights. Meanwhile the LED lights can have quite different colours – everything is possible by a warm white on a cooler tone up to very colorful variations and so ideally supports the particular character of the Christmas tree.

Safe behind glass

One of the advantages of LED lights is Yes, that they are not hot. You can make this property very well usable when a pretty table decoration to be made. Together with some FIR or pine cone the light chain arrange in a vase and then some to do with branches, which in turn depends on subtle Christmas decorations. The whole is very nice also with tree balls instead of cones.

Modern wood

If you prefer something more unusual, can try Christmas decoration very individual piece one. Draw above a stylized Christmas tree on a wood of piece of and cut it out carefully. Now paint the tree in a colour of your choice – beautiful, modern variants are white, silver, or gold, but also the classic Green is a nice option. Now attach a LED chain of lights near the outer edges on the back. A tip: Playing with the color of the light: blue LEDs work together with a white tree as snowy. The finished piece can be turned loose on a wall or hung up but and creates great indirect light.