Learn How to Use Pink Quartz

Every year the company Pantone discloses the colors that he believes will be trends during the year. In the case of the year 2016, the light and delicate pink quartz is the big bet, along with blue tones.

Since the Rose Quartz will appear quite fashionable to 2016, today’s post brings tips and pink quartz models, as used by Dakota Johnson, the protagonist of 50 shades of gray. In a recent event, she bet on the trend of typical dresses of the Decade of 90, which resemble some sleepwear.

In fact, the pink quartz is elegant and left the glamorous look. Particularly, are the spaghetti straps that spoil the dress, but women with small breasts can wear dresses like that, leaving the breasts. It is worth mentioning the important role of makeup in look.

Quartz Pink Dress Tips.

A beautiful pink dress is primarily related to romance and delicacy, but this can vary according to the modeling and other details of the dress, because the color is only one element of the dress. So, you should evaluate the pink quartz and see if it matches your personality.

However, some simple TIPS that will help you choose and use pink quartz. Check below!

  • Shades of light pink, as is the Rose Quartz, are more delicate and combine with white Accessories, silver and nude. In doubt about the shoe, use shoes nude;
  • For looks more cheerful, the sparkles are very important, especially for Prom dresses;
  • Invest in lace, embroidery and glareswhen using a light pink dress in the ballad, opposed these elements with discrete accessories;
  • Pink quartz value most women Brunettes, because it contrasts with the skin tone. White women should bet on glows to illuminate the look;
  • In relation to the make-up, not to miss, opt for shades of Brown shadow with light glares. In the mouth, rosy or red matte lipsticks are great choices. Silver shadows are also good options.

With the tips and pink quartz models shown in this post, you’re going to rock that look. Check out the models below!

Pink Quartz Models

This pink quartz is quite simple, ideal for day to day work and informal meetings. The highlight of this dress is the contrast between the textures, theruffle, a very high element in fashion.

It is worth highlighting the balance between the elements of the look, because the loose and modeling the median length are harmonized by the beautiful V-neckline that highlights the face, neck and bust.

The ballad dress up sexy has elements, ideal to enjoy a party night. Of course, the dress is also comfortable, because comfort is key in any look.

The highlight is the application of sequins on the handles, emphasizing the breasts. Delineadora modeling of curves is also fundamental to look sexy in the right measure.

For parties to graduations, the glows are fundamental. If you don’t like sequins, you can bet on embroidery or a shiny fabric, this is the case of the dress up. Note that even the color being clear, the dress draws attention. The brightness of the dress helps a lot to highlight the beautiful modeling and the beautiful, sensual neckline just right.

For wedding parties, very light colors should be together with modeling you don’t remember wedding dresses. In the above case, the dress has little volume on the skirt, being simple, but elegant.

Notice how the waistband the model’s body. In addition, this reddish brown tone is amazing with Rose Quartz. Mix a little part of fashion and style for each woman.