Learn About the Origin of the Grandfather Clock

The origins of this clock are linked to the Netherlands and the United Britain, but your name has nothing to do with the famous American musician Henry Clay.

You Don’t Understand Anything?

Calm down, we’re going to explain. The story that the main responsibility for developing the clock known today as “Grandfather Clock” was the Dutch Christian Huygens, in 1656. However, the first models only began to be made for trade in Britain, when the London clockmaker Ahasuerus Fromenteel sent your child to the Netherlands to learn the techniques of use of pendulum.

The first models developed were manufactured in oak and, over time, began to be produced in woods more noble, as the high quality African mahogany, which gives this watch a lot of grandeur.

At that time, however, the model was known as “long pendulum clock” or “grandfather clock” and he was not a figure as famous as it is today.

But As Henry Clay Enters In This Story?

Before Henry Clay, the grandfather clocks had the your charm, but they weren’t coveted for decoration. However, after a voyage of musician to England, this story began to change.

In 1875, he travelled to England on business and stayed at the hotel George– in North Yorkshire. It was there that he encountered a kind of pendulum clock that long was in the hotel lobby. The most curious noticed by was that the clock was stopped, and therefore had no use to be in a space of both.

The hotel owner explained to the Clay that the clock had belonged to two generations of previous owners of the establishment, the deceased brothers Jenkins. When in the story, the clock had always worked perfectly, however, when the first of the brothers died, the clock went on to become less and less accurate. And so, when the second brother died, he stopped fully functioning, the exact time of your death. Despite all attempts, no watchmaker had managed to rescue him.

Why The Name”Grandfather Clock”?

It is not known whether this is a true story or fictitious, but it was enough to leave Clay shocked to the point of writing a song about the incident, titled “My grandfather’s clock” (in free translation, my grandfather’s Watch).

The song broke the charts and, thus, the clock, which was previously known as “long pendulum clock” or “grandfather clock”, soon came to be called “Grandfather Clock”.

Despite technological developments, many lovers of watches still maintain the tradition of having a grandfather clock in their homes, keeping alive the music of Clay and also the intriguing story of Jenkins brothers.

But, even if you’re not a fan of Henry Clay or stories of suspense, you can also have a beautiful grandfather clock in your home, since they are very stylish. And if you want to order yours today, how about checking out the various options of wooden grandfather clocks in Phoenixwallclocks? We have the ideal model for your decor!

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