Lawsuit: Apple Gains Victory Against Samsung

Samsung without success

In the längerwährenden dispute the U.S. company from Cupertino has scored another victory against the Korean electronics giant. In an urgent procedure, the Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf confirmed the ban on the sale of Samsungs Android-Tablet-PCs Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9. Thus, the Supreme Court of North Rhine-Westphalia followed Apple’s application that the Samsung tablets were imitations of the iPad. Samsung illegally uses the outstanding reputation of the iPad, as was judge Wilhelm Berneke. It has come to this negotiation after Samsung had lodged against a similar decision of the Landgericht Düsseldorf from September 2011 revision.

Test: Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

No Europe-wide sales ban

Anders as the Landgericht Düsseldorf decided the higher regional court that Samsung did not infringe the design patented by Apple. This pattern as a design template of a tablets had can protect Apple in Europe in 2004. The Court decided, however, that both tablets differ sufficiently. So Apple’s design consists of a tray and a cover front page, while the Galaxy tab in addition puts on a frame and is thus three. In addition, the Court emphasised that already before Apple other companies had filed patents for frameless flat screens (OZOLINS-design). A design patent infringement had a Europe-wide sales ban entail, because the violation of the law against unfair competition (UWG) is the only nationwide ahnbar.

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Galaxy tab 10.1 N (for now) without prejudice

the Galaxy tab is specifically excluded from the sale ban 10.1 N. This is a slightly modified version of the Galaxy tab 10.1, against Apple but also complains. A decision in that case is expected on February 9. As the AP reported, Samsung showed disappointed, in a first reaction version pointed 10.1 N in Germany in the sale is. itself but the little importance of the decision for the company, since

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68 products that are the next top devices for all the patent lawsuits are not only German courts. Samsung and Apple accused around the world each other the theft of ideas. Corresponding actions in the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, France and Italy are the result. Courts in Australia and the Netherlands rejected the lawsuit Apple’s, however. The Duesseldorf Court, Apple also complains against different Smartphones from Samsung. (DPA/MS)

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