Ladies With Charm: The Collection Of Andrea Mognon Bikinis

With 30 years of career, Andrea Mognon, 46 years old, part to a new step in your career in fashion: the creation. Used to hear complaints from friends who couldn’t find a nice bikini model not too bold or too uptight, she devised a collection of beachwear which embraced precisely the concerns of this target audience.
– Many women in this age group have already had children, but keep the great body and want to show. But in a stylish and comfortable way-explains.
The proposal is to be democratic. In the collection, there’s no shortage of traditional (and always wanted) models of bow. There are also options with bigger panties. However, the attention of Andrea was mainly for the Bras. Even the models draped won filling with bulges, that help give more firmness and support the breasts.
-Wanted the woman was safe to wear parts. That’s why I tested everything. I sat down, I walked, I crossed the leg-account.
Andrea Mognon Beachwear collection also includes swimsuits and beach. There are variations in earth tones, nude, black and white, olive green and blue Tiffany – that means green, which references the famous jewelry store. Prints also are present with many Poas in different sizes and the ever-present and classic animal print.
The first 20 pieces will be released in a collection pocket the day June 27, at an event to celebrate the three-decade career of Andrea. In addition to the parade, Grêmio Náutico Union will present a photographic exhibition with the various facets of the protagonist: model, mother and writer – she is the author of how to Rejuvenate 10 years in 3 Months, in which teaches to seek beauty in a healthy way. The complete line of Andrea Mognon collection Beachwear, with 40 pieces, has scheduled for release Aug.
While the collection is not enough, split up some sketches of the pieces. Come see the Gallery:
Chat about healthy living
While the collection is not enough, Andrea, who is also coach of beauty and health, Minister Lecture with tips from your book and introduces the diet of pleasure, he created in partnership with your nutritionist. Check out the full service:
May 28, Wednesday
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: Teatro do Grêmio Náutico (Rua João Obino, 300 – Petrópolis, Porto Alegre)
Open to the public