Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Routine

One thing that has always aroused my curiosity is the beauty routine of celebrities. Because, of course, no one is perfect all the time and behind all that flawless glamor, skin and hair, there must be a beauty of a production and a few good hours spent in front of the mirror.

Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Routine

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian family and one of the most influential celebrities on social networks today, told The New York Times in an interview that she always looks beautiful in front of the thousands of cameras she They follow up and down every day.

Paper and pen in hand to write everything down!


Yeah, my folks, one thing’s for sure: keeping a ringer of beauty (Want to know definitions of beauty? Click like Kylie Jenner’s is not cheap. To take care of the skin, for example, the young woman is counseled by the family dermatologist, Christie Kidd, who also serves several other famous patients. “After she helped Kendall get rid of teenage acne, I realized that I should also start visiting her,” she said.

After these visits, Kylie started washing her face every day in the morning and wearing a colored sunscreenbefore leaving the house. The product, incidentally, is one of her favorites in the rush hour, when you need to run away and do not have time to produce much.

Another socialite sweetheart is Neutrogena’s makeup wipe which, according to her, removes even the waterproof products.


Kylie Jenner told The New York Times reporter that she only wears heavy makeup when she’s going to do some work. I do not know if I believe this story much, after all, the girl always appears in the photos of the paparazzi, even when you are leaving the gym or a simple lunch.

Anyway, she said being in love with false eyelashes , pencils, a light base and a bronzer. “I usually use Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder base, Nars’ Orgasm blush, Bronzer Kardashian, and Bobbi Brown’s yellow powder. In my eyes, I like to explore the various types of CVS eyelashes and then apply the Lancôme Hypnôse Drama mask,” he said.

Kylie also revealed that the designer of her eyebrows is Anastasia Soare, owner of makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, who has her favorite correction kit for the area.

And the much-desired lips? “I like l Apis mouth than lipsticks. I have so many of them, from so many different brands … I will become so expert in this that I can now make the outline of my lips in 10 minutes.” Oh, and attention to the good news: the young woman is creating her own lip kit that will feature her three favorite colors. Nude, sepia and brown.


Let’s agree that Kylie’s hair needs to be very carefully taken care of the amount of chemistry she uses. Even though most of your hair changes are the result of wigs and appliques, these accessories also help to make the wires weaker and brittle.

Her secret is to wash her hair every other day, with Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner. Kylie even revealed that the natural color of her yarns is brown, but she thinks the tone does not match her skin, so she lives in blue, black, blonde, and so on. And of course to do that she has the best hairstylists in the US, who take care of the threads of Nicole Richie and other millionaires.