Johan Cruyff Netherlands Coach

The Dutch former football player and coach Johan Cruyff is not only known for his legendary career as a professional football player, but also because of its unique language: de Cruijffiaans. The unique language Johan Cruijff is characterized by a collection of words that a hand football jargon and the other from Amsterdam. Usually the smooth sound judgments from the beginning, of course, but soon has it proven to be incorrect, he contradicts himself and his audience can’t follow him.

Characteristics of the Cruijffiaans

Johan Cruyff for his audiences often are inimitable, called his way to speak Cruijffiaans language. The properties are as follows:

  • frequent use of one-liners that are a cross between a brilliant insight and an open door
  • the indiscriminate use of flat and elegance Dutch
  • the use of neologisms and corruptions
  • frequent use of tautologies and colloquialisms
  • the relative pronouns who?? ?? will always be replaced by whom?? ??
  • personal pronouns?? I?,?? We?? and?? We?? usually replaced with?? you??
  • frequent use of?? are you talking about?? instead of?? It??

Example sentences about football in Cruijffiaans

During his long career, Johan Cruijff, among other things as a professional football player and football regularly spoken in public. Some statements he in this role, as well as a football analyst for including NIS/Studio Sport and as a columnist for The Telegraph and no. 14, has done here is:

  • ?? Football is simple, but simple soccer often shows the most difficult is??.
  • ?? One of the 32 countries participating in the WORLD CUP is the world champion; others do not, because it is not??.
  • ?? Football is a game of mistakes; who makes the least mistakes will win the game? ‘.
  • ?? Before I make a mistake, I make that mistake??.
  • ?? You will only see it if you get it??.
  • ?? People also say that a team with ten men playing more dangerous than a team with eleven men; It’s just that five of these eleven thinks: I take a step less, while five out of ten make a little extra right??.
  • ?? You need a hole you drop and then catch yourself?.
  • ?? If we have the ball, they can’t score goals.
  • ?? Without the ball you can’t win?.
  • ?? Look, the ball is a key part of the game.
  • ?? If you score the first goal, you win the game? ‘.
  • ?? Look, the ball must be at least between these two poles??.
  • ?? If you play on the ball, you don’t have to defend, because there is only one ball??.
  • ?? You must shoot, or you cannot score goals?.
  • ?? You should always make sure that your target more did when the opponent??.
  • ?? In football, it’s simple: you are on time or if you are too late; If you are late, you have to leave on time??.
  • ?? If you see a player sprinting, he left too late?.
  • ?? If you do not, you are either too early or too late??.
  • ?? If you want to play faster, run faster, but in essence the ball determines the speed of the game.
  • ?? What is the speed? Often replaces sporttryckpresshastigheten with insight: look, if I have to go a little earlier debut than another, so I seem faster?.
  • ?? If I have to defend the whole garden, I’m the worst, if I have to defend this piece I am best; has everything to do with meters, not more??.
  • ?? Four back and four in midfield could never work: You triangles disappear; You should always have triangles, only then you have two constant playback?.
  • ?? Bergkamp played well below zero??.
  • ?? The Korean defence was like goat cheese, some comments are superfluous here??.
  • ?? I think not: in Spain beats all 22 players a cross before they come into the area; If it works, so there will always be a draw??.
  • ?? Italians don’t know hit you, but you know they are losing??.
  • ?? As the Italians get a chance, they make two?.
  • ?? Italy has some very good football players, but you have to play ball so that they can play football?.
  • ?? Put one in rush, making a Tutti-Frutti by??.
  • ?? Because I come from a television analysis asks my wife at home: what did you say;? I say if you are slaying me??.

Conditions for example sentences in Cruijffiaans

Johan Cruyff has unique statements not only in the football world. Here are some statements in the Cruijffiaans not directly to do with football, it had sometimes been able to best:

  • ?? In a way, I’m probably immortal??.
  • ?? Every disadvantage has its advantage?.
  • ?? Coincidence makes sense??.
  • ?? In’m everywhere; until I make a decision, then I am sure??.
  • ?? With the knife in the Cabinet?.
  • ?? I speak better Spanish than any Dutch whatsoever, but worse Spanish than any Spaniard whatsoever?.
  • ?? The time I took my money is long overdue; I always take the name and face of??.
  • ?? People have to drive faster, they’re faster by the way, so there is less congestion??.

The use of media in Cruijffiaans

Between 2004 and 2007 BE sent Dutch satirical animated series Cafe World where caricatures of famous Dutch people meet in a virtual Cafe. The episodes often dedicated to theme. Around this theme, several jokes site, while there was a discussion among the visitors. In this series of Johan Cruijff was gepersifleerd by a typical Cruijffiaans speaking voice artist Rinie van Velzen.
Besides Rinie van Velzen was/Johan Cruyff are also imitated by TV and radio presenter René van den Berg, a radio DJ Edwin Evers and comedians Kasper van Kooten, Jochem Myjer and Viggo Waas.
Also in Spanish Johan Cruijff had a distinctive language, including the frequent use of the phrase un momento dado?? and??,?? as he once?? literally translated. This term was also used in the title of a documentary released in 2004 on the life of Johan Cruyff Johan Cruyff? En Un Momento Dado. The film begins and ends with a farewell match of Johan Cruijff on FC Barcelona in 1999. At the end of the documentary also contains a long interview with Johan Cruyff, who is unique, often Cruyff proclamations.
In connection with its sextioårsdag 2007, Johan Cruyff’s own language under the microscope in an interview with NOVA at the presentation of the many books he has written that a football champion.
Together with Sytze de Boer wrote Johan Cruyff Johan Cruyff issued in 2011-statements: a biography.Sytze de Boer is research assistant at the Times and since the sixties he has a Cruyff-archive. This book is a publication of the library, Cruyff, whose goal is to publish the expenses to reflect the importance of Johan Cruyff once again. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Cruyff Foundation, as Johan Cruyff raises money for underprivileged children around the world. He himself says Johan Cruijff-statements: a biography statements a fine selection of what he has said over the years; He finds it sometimes even surprising, yet he still stands behind the majority decision?