Jewelry that Works

Still, many men mistakenly believe watch and wedding ring (where he is so not necessarily always voluntarily worn) are the only jewelry you can wear as a man. We recommend that a look at the pieces of the Swedish Object Designer Tove Thambert.

Lugt’s a fountain pen from his breast pocket. Cute he looks, only he can’t write. The brief glance at the clock half hidden by the shirt cuff suggests a fine piece, but unfortunately, this clock can display time. It is namely not no clock and the filler is also no writing. Both objects belong to the series of “Objects in disguise” the Swedish product – jewelry designer and Tove Thambert.

The series includes objects that are not what they seem. Even a card clip disguised as a handkerchief, as a candle stand cloaked weights and – vain for whole – these include a pocket watch that is disguised as a hand mirror.

Sports with Candle Holders

There are objects that pretend a function but not complying with it. And thus they become jewelry. Have to a variety, so openly to their vanity, make jewelry, men can wear who either don’t believe in jewelry for men, because it’s a woman occupied territory, or fear by they themselves by wearing jewelry to pretty.

Tove Thambert moves with their designs, product, fashion and art. She’s not about to develop everyday objects. Nevertheless, you can well use your objects to the part, and increasingly buy.The candlestick dumbbells for example are those in the gym of functionality not and are produced from the Swedish design firm Skeppshult series starting this spring. You have to wear the watch, to maintain already a relaxed approach to time. It is available in a limited edition of 10 at a price of 5,000 euros.