Jenny Rissveds Interview

Our site: Two World Cup victories in a row. It is the least well now for the Swedish master from Falun. We ask three quick questions to Jenny Rissveds-Bicyclings own columnist.

What is the plan to keep this fine World Cup shape?
– The plan is to train hard when I need to and rest hard when I need to. I also work hard at the mental, which I think has contributed much to what I’ve done now in the spring. It should, of course, I also try to keep in.

Schweiziskan Jolanda Neff has not reached the age of 23 years, but still dominate in women’s elite class right now. How you reasoned when you chose the U23 instead of elite?

-Last year I drove not at all with the same confidence that I run with right now. It’s something I’ve built up over the winter and spring through the hard work and great results.For me it felt important to find just that feeling. Compare to my lap times with the elite’s lap times, one can see that I am located at the same times as the top, but there was nothing I could know when I made the decision to remain in the U23 before the season started. We’ll see what happens next year, I have one more year left in the U23 if I so wish.
What is next for you? Will you come home and run something in Sweden to come?

-Next awaits European Games in Baku. I travel to Azerbaijan in early next week and will compete the weekend coming. Then the plan is to go on a high-altitude camp to prepare for the second half of the season that kicks off with the World Cup in Lenzerheide in early July. I plan to run a competition in Baltimore on July 12 and then the SM, which I look forward.