Jeans Jacket?

Jeans and jacket are for many a natural dress code for Office as at the pub. Not even moral fixed old fossils appear to be opponents of the combination. However, there are several important things to consider, which may minimize the risk of being mistaken with Conference attendees in true Percy Nilegårdstil.

The Foundation of a successful combination of Blazer with uddabyxa is often about creating contrasts. To try to match a jacket with pants in the same tone is a pretty hopeless project which very rarely gets good. For the vast majority of fall elections by Blazer in a dark variant, often pinstriped. Sure, a dark blue or grey suit jacket is almost a must have for the wardrobe, but in combination with jeans, a lighter jacket be a better option. Beige or light gray creates a good contrast against the unwashed as worn jeans.

The safest card is to choose a solid color jacket, although patterned generally works just as well with jeans as other pants. The most important thing is to choose a jacket whose stylistic value fits a more casual attire. A pinstriped Blazer fits best for a slightly more formal kontorsklädsel and preferably in a uniform costume. On the other hand, fits such as Plaid and hundtandsmönstrade jackets good to even jeans.

The basic rule is to not mix matte with glossy materials. Because the jeans are a pretty rough and matte fabric, a blazer in a shiny fabric. For fall and winter jackets by oborstad wool or coarse Tweed fabrics is preferable, while linen or cotton suitable for warmer weather.

It is difficult to say that a certain type of jackets fit for jeans, but the jacket’s form is rather dependent on the person who wears it. Fitting width of battle, the number of pockets and button closure depends entirely on the person’s body type. The biggest mistake many people make is that they choose a Blazer that is far too long, which amplified extra of a pair of contrasting jeans. Similarly, the arms should not be too long so that they hide the skjortmanschetten.

A silhouette that when the jacket is used as part of a suit may seem all alright, with a pair of jeans seem just too at. With jeans is a slimmer silhouette is usually preferable and more important is that the jacket’s shoulders are not too stuffed.