Janet and Janet Shoes Uk

You thought to be freed of the stars to go go on shoes, clothes and accessories?Nothing to do my make fashionistas friends, Dolce & Gabbana kicked off this trend and now it will be hard not to find it a bit ‘everywhere! The stars are cute but I think I speak for everyone when I say that they have a po’stufato, I think Dolce & Gabbana we have sent to overdoses, recent months have been ubiquitous and I think we need a break. Even Janet & Janet let themselves carried away by the glamor of the stars!

Janet & Janet is a brisk and saucy brand that I really like, for next season spring summer 2012 offer us the shoes really fashion and decorated with the stars, a trend which is unfortunately a bit ‘too inflated these days because of Dolce & Gabbana and all versions of low cost of H & M, Asos and Topshop one can not really more. Do you agree with me, right? Fortunately, however, the Janet & Janet shoes have been proposed for spring summer 2012, and so there is plenty of time to “detox”, then it must be said that these shoes are so nice it is impossible not to be groped. Janet & Janet link on suede and that in itself I really like, the stars in paint is not that they were properly sensitive! Janet & Janet show us a preview of three models, we have heeled open toe suede-colored dove with high heel and stars in a nice shade of green / turquoise. The same colors we also find them in the low sandals, but they have only one big star in front decorated with mini studs silver.

Those looking for a more style country we also have boots leather aged effect in brown honey with half a heel and a star lit from the side studs. What do you think? You like these shoes Janet & Janet? I love them … and when ever!