Italian Chic and Swiss Perfection

[Sponsored post] – belongs to any stylish outfit a wrist watch. Also the Smart phones could do nothing about that. It should be elegant and not stuffy at the same time, so that it fits perfectly to the suit and the leisure outfit.

Exactly meets these high demands the ANONIMO Militare Chrono. The wrist watch is the flagship of the luxury brand ANONIMO. A look at the site reveals its beauty.

Developed for combat divers – perfect for gentlemen

The fashion-conscious, active gentleman is thrilled by the ANONIMO Militare Chrono. Its design embodies elegance, performance and sportiness in impressive fashion in one. The model was developed in 2001 to provide a high-quality watch Italian combat divers via insidewatch.

Within a short time it has become the cult watch, which also the hearts of collectors. The harmonious, elegant design makes it the ideal companion for work and leisure. At the same time lots of inside sophistication the wristwatch, which justifies its price of 1,950 CHF up to maximum 4.950 CHF.

So the watch designers have used exactly the Crown at 12 o’clock, which gives the model a touch of extravagance, without drifting off in the playful. A patented protective and locking system for the Crown is particularly noteworthy.

The exceptional craftsmanship skill of Florentine watch maker is evident in the watch case. These craftsmen, whose taking, devoted to the watch housing construction since 1939, creating the housing of the ANONIMO Militare Chrono from a highly stable block of bronze, which starts at a purchase price of CHF 2,700. In contrast to ordinary procedures, this is a very complicated production process for wrist watches.

Before the watch can be assembled, the experienced craftsmen cut a female and then a male in the bronze piece. The patina allows a rapid aging of metal, providing impressive light effects on the metal. This is a great highlight in such a simple clock. A mechanical movement that works with high precision is of course in it.

That is behind the anonymous name

The brand name ANONIMO sounds little tangible. He means anonymous and the watches with a certain mystique. Behind the label, however significant sizes of the luxury goods industry, which impressed the whole world with their products.

the brand was founded in 1997 by Federico Massacesi in the Italian Florence. It could have no better place to do it, in the enchanting city of culture but is home some of the best clock makers in the world. You give an inimitable chic and style the clock models.

Massacesi himself is no stranger to fashion experienced gentlemen. He was already a designer for the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. Only a few years later, he took a powerful partner on the side: the Swiss luxury goods company Compagnie Financière Richemont SA. Successful luxury brands like Cartier and Jaeger-LeCoultre belong to him.

ANONIMO in Switzerland owing to this merger and sitting exactly where the best and most expensive watches in the world come here. This resulted in synergies, which are responsible for the current, impressive ANONIMO collection.

Carefully selected materials

Undoubtedly the robustness, performance and a classy appearance are in luxury watches as the ANONIMO watches only materials used, convince. DLC and stainless steel are used as well as marine bronze. The latter is enriched sent with zinc, which ANONIMO part revolutionized the luxury watch market. At the same time is the marine bronze for a considerable stability and firmness. A clock for real guys with style could contain hardly a better material.

The Matterhorn as a Coronation

Also the Matterhorn as well as the marine bronze represents classic male characteristics. ANONIMO now has its headquarters in Switzerland, it pushed up formally, to integrate the Monte Cervino in the brand.

Of course, this should be done subtly, because a real gentleman understands understatement. And so the dial of ANONIMO watches reflects the distinctive pyramid shape of the world-famous mountain only when the watch indicates 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock. This is a skilful extra, which is totally the rules of the strict, sporting chic of Italian.

A brand for connoisseurs and gourmets

ANONIMO is anything but anonymous for connoisseurs of luxury brands. It is a label, which stands for simple elegance and stylishness. The watches are for everyday ideal, because they are durable and timeless. Who discovered it on the wrist of a gentleman and knows how to evaluate, belongs to an elite circle of connoisseurs. This gives an additional charm watches. It is worth to look at the creations from the House of ANONIMO