Is Night Light Good for Baby

A night light for your child

Many parents in the early 2000s are afraid to let the light or night light light at night for their child for a U.S. study revealed that the light had a direct link to the development of the myopia in children less than two years. However this study has been denied. The light or night light the night is essential for the child but also for parents?

Is Night Light Good for Baby

Is night light harmful for your child?

A study by revealed Americans that leave a light or a light on the night had a link with myopia in children less than two years. But don’t you worry, this study has been denied by practitioners themselves.

Other researchers have also confirmed that he had no link with the development of myopia in children.

Don’t worry if your child is short-sighted and you left a light on every night during his childhood, you don’t !

Is night light essential for your child?

Leave a light or night light every night is not necessarily essential for children under two years old on average. Indeed, it was until two or three years that the child begins to feel the sense of fear, and therefore your child may suddenly be afraid in the dark.

Of course, if your child starts to be afraid in the dark it is necessary to install a night light or a light source not too live in order not to disturb his sleep.

Is the pilot light essential for parents?

You can find this absurd question, but the pilot could be useful in two cases:

  1. If your child is crying at night in his dark room, a night light will make you avoid of bumping you into the furniture!
  2. Finally, there is an age to be afraid in the dark?If you are in this case don’t be ashamed and install a small light ambience in your room, you will see it’s soothing.