iPhone 6s: Camera 12 Megapixels Also In Low Light Without Problems?

First, rumors that Apple in its iPhone 6 s is buy a camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels solidified mid-May. Now there’s new information about the plans – and these provide an answer to the question of how Apple would like to deal with the smaller pixels of the 12 MP sensor.

It looks as if the iPhone 6s is really get a 12 megapixel camera. Now even more detailed rumors to their nature indicate that GforGames met with now. Mid-May it was already said that such a camera could be installed, this however would go hand in hand with a reduction of each pixel. Since this in turn would affect the image quality in low-light conditions, was the question in the room, what Apple could do against this unwanted side effect.

iPhone 6s Camera 12 Megapixels Also In Low Light Without Problems

White Sub-Pixel To Help

The new camera sensor in the iPhone 6 s to come from Sony and take advantage of the so-called RGBW technology. This also a white is red, green and blue sub pixels, which provides image noise in low light conditions for better image quality with little in addition to the base subpixels in the colors. Apple seems to have found a way to compensate for the disadvantage of the smaller pixels.

According to the report, Japanese media want to have learn also that Apple’s new camera wanted to use the iPhone 6 s actually already in the iPhone 6. To fix existing errors and to increase the quality, Apple should however have decided to postpone the installation of the new camera a year.