Iphone 5 Successor Already at the Start?

What’s going on in the Apple home? Just over a month ago, the  iPhone 5 was  launched, but not everyone can hold the coveted apple phone in his hands. Reason for the delivery difficulties, should be the complicated construction of the smart phone. That’s why it’s all the more surprising that Apple is already working on the next generation. According to the Digitalimes breach, which refers to the Chinese  Commercial Times, Apple plans a test production of the iPhone 5S for December 2012. This would mean that the final result can be bought in the beginning of next year in the trade.

Was The Iphone 5 Just A Gap Filler?
If you believe the latest rumors, Apple intends to launch the next generation of its smartphone flagship in the first quarter of 2013. So apparently starts already in December of this year a test production of the iPhone 5S really called. An amount of 50,000 to 100,000 units is expected. Since the iPhone 5 is little innovative and in reality only a larger iPhone 4/4S is, one seems to want to again with Apple. Because also the competition for Nokia, Samsung and Google does not sleep. These are especially important with NFC, wireless charging and LTE support in all networks. Perhaps the group from Cupertino would like to start the rift as soon as possible, and even topple. Once it is certain that Apple is no longer the innovative company it used to be.

What technical innovations are to be expected?
Digitimes and Commercial Times unfortunately did not provide any information about technical innovations. So we can only speculate with what features the iPhone 5S surprised.Perhaps Apple will give the device a faster processor. Currently, an A6 processor is installed, but the iPad 4 is already an A6X chip. Furthermore, I could imagine a camera update, since this, compared to the iPhone 4S, has not been improved. But what bothers me the most is the low battery life of my iPhone 5 from Ablogtophone.com. Therefore, I would strongly plead that Apple finally fixes a better battery to install or give us the possibility of a battery change.

Rumors to and fro, we’ll see with time whether Apple is indeed coming early next year with an iPhone successor around the corner. I would be very annoyed if a lot of improvements and innovations were implemented and the iPhone 5 was only a kind of gap filler.