International Four Day Marches Nijmegen

Everyone wants at the end of the Nijmegen Four Day Marches Cross four-day course can receive. 30, 40 or even 50 kilometers in and around Nijmegen walk requires a good workout. In addition to this training, you can do even more to ensure that you will start with good preparation.

Sufficient drinking

Perhaps the most important thing for four days is that you drink enough. Why this fall during preparation?
It varies from person to how much moisture one lose while hiking. It is therefore important that you already know how much moisture during the representation you need.Weigh yourself pre-workout. Just drink enough when she walked. When you’re done with your workout, it is supposed that you weigh yourself again. If you are heavier than the education you’ve drunk too much. If you are lighter than for the training means that you have been drinking too little. Play this during preparation already a bit, and also at different temperatures and weather conditions. So you know exactly how much liquid you need to get up during the operation of the four days.

Clothes and shoes

Clothes and shoes that you wear during four days are very important. Therefore, it is wise to think about preparing this and take note. Shoes come in all shapes and sizes. It is therefore important that you make a good choice. There are people who prefer to walk in high shoes and others who simply prefer free. In addition, you should consider many other options you can choose when it comes to boots. So you can choose a waterproof shoe. The downside is that they are inferior to breathe not waterproof shoe.You also need to look at the clothes you put on. Ensure that your clothes do not pick up sweat, otherwise you can cool down fast. Also, make sure that you always have a shirt can take off if you get too warm. In addition, a lock also always recommended. This can protect you from the Sun when it’s hot and causing your body cools more slowly when it rains.


Keep the weather is always near. When the possibility exists that it starts raining, you should always bring an extra set of clothes. When you go around all day in wet clothes, there is a risk of hypothermia. Make sure in any case that you once put on a dry shirt and dry socks. In addition, it is always good to take a poncho. A poncho is a better solution than an umbrella, because you can’t hold him all the time and you have fixed other walkers with a poncho not bother.


It is next to these recommendations further useful to maintain a regular diet when she walked.Especially carbon dioxide or drink alcoholic beverages or use drugs before, during or shortly after your walks. With proper training beforehand, and the aforementioned recommendations, the light of the above, you have had a good preparation for the walk and wait for the four-day Nijmegen begin!