Interesting Facts Surrounding the Water Birth

A wonderful experience can be to bring her child in the water, to the world. As long as you feel good here and there is nothing wrong medically. Long is a birth in the water no alternative birth form, but one of many possible delivery forms. Even a particularly good one.

In a large study, the hospital in Bensberg could prove with over 1,000 water births: analgesic consumption, blood loss and episiotomy rate were significantly lower than in comparable “country births” in the water. Also, the births were shorter. The fabric is very smooth in the water – this promotes elasticity and protects so that just the dam!

Scientific data on the child’s lung development have clearly refuted the prejudice, the children might drown in a birth in the water. Otherwise the water birth in terms of safety is inferior to other forms of birth in nothing: the delivery room has a so called telemetry derivation (a cordless CTG), which allows for safe monitoring. Many hospitals now allow water births, because a birth tub is indispensable in modern maternity wear featured by Timedictionary.

  • Some hospitals require that you submit a HIV test in the woman doctor made. This serves to protect the midwives. Tip: Many women prepare themselves with aqua fitness classes for pregnant women a water birth.
  • In the tub can all women feel comfortable in the water. Exception: The expectant mother got a PDA, a tub birth is not possible. Not only because it is better not to set. It decides whether giving birth in water likes it or not always during the birth. So it can be for example, that you have at once but don’t want to warm water in labor.
  • The beauty of the bath: During labor breaks you can be carried by the water and draw new energy. A decisive advantage, however, is that the water basin is an own, self-determined room of the woman. Here, she can focus on the processes of your body at rest and stay with her baby in contact. Necessary investigations by the midwife are possible at any time. Unnecessary intervention from the outside, however, be avoided, and the woman can find their own rhythm.
  • The change in the tub occurs just before the birth. Because if you have too long in warm water, which entails very body. However, this is slightly different from woman to woman. In the expulsion phase helps to control the water as fast – or slow – your child’s head is born. This is otherwise not easily possible, significantly reduced but dam injury or the need for a dam cut.
  • The water birth is wonderful for your baby. The entire birth process is less on demanding, because the expectant mother is relaxed. So, the child has less stress, especially as it can find its way through the birth canal without interference or intervention. The transition from the amniotic fluid in warm water, the baby enormously simplifies the beginning of life on Earth. The natural reflex of breathing protection prevents by the way that water enters the lungs of a child. Only when the baby’s face comes in contact with the air, it begins to breathe.
  • After the birth of your child, you can record it yourself and close in your arms. Covered with warm blankets, can your child on your chest lying “come on”. Also the placenta (afterbirth) can be born in the water. The freshly baked mother can wash off in the tub, then feels so right fresh.