Interesting Facts about Table Tennis

If you are looking for tennis since achieved higher speeds. The difference with table tennis is in the distance between the two players. Because of a smaller medium-distance ball is faster on the opponent. On the basis of this table is considered to be the fastest ball sport in the world.

A few facts

A good example to illustrate the introduction to:
At an average speed of 60 km per hour, the ball will be about six times in the back and can be played again. In tennis, is this three times. At a distance of 2.74 m between the two players, the player has still a Visual reaction time at 0.22 sec. Is the distance 4.74 meters exceeding this time 0.28 €. At this point, the player is faced with many observations and decisions.Where the ball is played; how much spin the ball; how much speed; where is the opponent; I play a block or attack; I play the backhand-forehand corner, Center, or; and similar
All of this information and make decisions cost much more time than what is provided by the speed of the game. Table tennis would not be possible if the players do not have a good expectation.Anticipation is inborn and can be taught in one part: the view and experience the anticipation. Table tennis, therefore, are written as a mistaken “easy ride” or “camping sports.

Game rules

Table tennis is not at all hard to learn when you put a little energy. But this must, of course, give you time.
Like most sports in far go to table tennis to score. In this case, we count 11, used it to 21, but this was changed a few years ago. The only exception is if it is 10-10, a player can only win a set with two points. So if it is the result of 12-14 possible etc.
This is for many people a key advantage to have because you first ball in play gives you can determine in part how the rally will end. You should get in a store, but stick to certain rules. So you have to throw the ball straight up, then you give him a bat on your own page, the network can save the ends of the opponent. Here, the ball does not touch the network, if they are, then the point should be played.After the two points earned words exchanged service page, so the opponent can make.
In addition to the basic rules still apply some specific rules. Thus, the point is played if the game is suspended beyond the fault of the players. This can be done by bringing a flying ball from another table. And have separate lines for double. So when you are at a table with four people.