Intenso 8 “Intab: Bargain Tablet From Germany In The Practice Test

The multitouch display measures eight inches (20.3 cm) and has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The cortex-A8 processor employees with a ghz allows a fluid operation of the installed android 2.3. Intensos tablet PC like a big is even the elaborate live background with a moving surface. The company from lower saxony, the device missed eight gigabytes of data storage, which is expandable by a microsd(HC)-karte to up to 32 gigabytes. The memory is 512 megabytes in size.


Front camera have a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. There is not a camera on the back. Thanks to an integrated microphone, you use also language assistants of à la vlingo. It measures 20, 3 x 15, 4 x 1, 1 cm and weighs 500 grams on the scale. According to the data sheet of the manufacturer extends the battery for up to four hours of video playback. The built-in speakers are slightly underpowered; you must usually fully turn the volume to hear anything outside of the quiet kämmerleins. Via headphones (supplied), the sound on stage one (from 15), however, is clearly.

Intenso 8 “Intab: Tablet to the sparschweinchen tariff

4 impressions the intab in detail a google account
the tablet does not have a fully fledged google access. The normally pre-installed apps of the internet giants are missing so. The gmail account can ask yourself while easily via your E-mail program, but access to the android market is restricted for the device. This intenso has pulled up its own app center. There are good programs are missing many classics such as angry birds. Already downloaded apps (with the extension .apk) digested from other sources the intab but without grumbling and portals such as many blockbusters are also. But anyone who wants to enjoy all the benefits of a google tablet, must juggle a bit with the system files and install the market.

So goes s: Android market on any android tablet PC

orientation manually
have your market access, is another shortcoming: The intenso has no GPS. Google maps the intab thus degraded to the old-school city plan. The intab is so restricted can be used for orientation in foreign cities: Usually it loads before the map of the destination in his native homeland and can be locally own position show. With the intab you need to look the place itself and go to any online from abroad usually an expensive solution.

Conclusion: Intenso 8 “Intab

Largely identical with tablet PC prestigio 5080B the intab differs mainly by missing GPS, the non-existent HDMI interface and the android-market incompatibility of the cypriot colleagues. For this, you purchase the intab for less than 200 euros; should the prices fall further, interest on the intenso tablet sure grows for beginners. But still get significantly more tablet for some extra cash. (cs).