Information About Maternity Leave

A baby is on the way! The birth approaches, the more must be organized, including the parental leave and parental benefits.

More and more fathers take parental leave, now to be in the first few years with their children together, and obtain parental allowance. The good thing about parental leave: Who sets out to child care, must not quit his job. The parental leave entitles each worker to take a break until the third year of life of the child. And then it is entitled to return again to their own or an equivalent job.

Practical: Partners can take at the same time parents time.

In the parental leave: Who pays for what and for how long?

There is no salary from the employer in the parental leave. For this the State pays further a part of the parent in parental leave for 12 months. The parental allowance is calculated from the average net income in the last 12 months and is at least 300 and not more than €1800. The profit of the last year before the birth is calculated at independent. Those who expect GILANI, receives €300 more parents money per additional child. Siblings are already present, a sibling bonus can be used on the parents money.

If the partner continues with first, but also sets out parental benefits will be extended by two months. Total pairs can expose so paid for 14 months. Single parents are entitled to parental benefit for 14 months. It is also possible to divide the parental benefits to 24 months – then monthly only half will be paid.

Since 2011, full parental benefits (at least €300) at is IV charged recipients as income and thus deducted from the unemployment benefits.

There are no parents money from a joint annual income of over €500,000 (€250,000 for single parents).

When and where is parents money requested?

So the parents money in time is after the maternity protection available, you should request it as soon as possible after the birth of the child. Purely by law you can apply for it to the 14 month of life of the child, there is a refund only for the first three months. For this reason: Better hurry up.

Parental benefits must apply to the competent body of parents money via a form. At the Federal Ministry for family, you will find an overview of these posts. For the application you need the birth certificate of the child proof content in the last 12 months, a confirmation of the employer of the parental leave as well as the grant to the maternity leave and a confirmation of the health insurance fund to the maternity protection money, also.

, By the way: Each parent must provide own applied for parental benefits.

What are the parents money plus and the partnership bonus?

Since the summer 2015 there are in addition to the parental benefit, since then called base parents money, the so-called parents money plus and the partnership bonus. Both offered, if the parents want back early again in the job.

When the parents money plus half, is paid every month just for it but twice as long, if you work round the clock. The partnership bonus is aimed at parents who share the care of the child and four months or longer work both between 25 and 30 hours per week.

What parents money who fits and how best combined, not worse to cut off, is a small science in itself. Advice offered by the Federal Ministry for family on the website parents money Our site.

What must be observed for the parental leave?

The parental leave must be registered officially at least seven weeks before the start in writing to the head. Indeed it is worth however much earlier to do so. So it facilitates the Organization head in the period of absence – and even the re-entry. Because who leaves his job assigned and well organized, will be back soon.

If the parental leave is logged on, a special protection against dismissal is: the employer must a specific reason then no longer cancel one, unless there is.

Since July 2015, mothers and fathers without consent of the employer 24 instead of so far can transfer 12 months parental leave to the period between the third anniversary and the completion of the eighth year of the child.

Practically: Both the mother and the father can divide the parental leave in three periods of time. The third section can be rejected by the employer if it lies between the third anniversary and the completion of the eighth year of the child.