Information about LED Light Bulb

Not easy to decipher the meaning of a LED bulb packaging both indications differ from those of halogen bulbs. Here’s what must take into account to get it right.


  1. luminous flux in lumens (or brightness) 2. Color temperature (warm or cold light) 3. The equivalent in watts
  2. the variateur5 logo. Where to throw a used light bulb?

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Luminous flux in lumens (or brightness)

No need to focus on the wattage for an LED, it doesn’t count. Which expresses the amount of light produced, these are the lumens, more there are more the bulb lights up.

Color temperature (warm or cold light)

2 700 degrees kelvin, is the incandescent light, warm white, where the mention frequent “warm” or “warm white”. The more one goes up in kelvins, more light is cold white.

The equivalent in watts

LEDs consume so little power that their wattage indication has no interest in itself. However, the equivalence in watts with an incandescent bulb is a good way to do when you’re not very comfortable with the lumens.

The drive logo

Some LED work with a dimmer, others do not. In this case the logo is crossed.

Where to throw a used light bulb?

Used compact fluorescent bulb does not throw in the trash, but must bring it in-store or place it in a suitable container. It’s free and it’s easy, found in most hypermarkets and supermarkets, in major retailers of DIY… Get back them to recycle is particularly essential that the neon compact contain mercury. Too small amount for whatever dangerous if ever we break one by mistake, the accumulation of these bulbs in landfills could cause significant pollution.

If it is not always on the packaging, the crossed-out dustbin logo is present on the LED bulbs and it’s essential. As the CFL, they must be recycled. The best solution is to bring the bulb used point of sale when you buy its replacement or to place it in the present recycling bins in store by going shopping.

Only halogen bulbs throw into the trash with the Orchard run, and especially not in the glass container, they compare recycling.