Ideas for the Creative Leftover Kitchen

Food waste is not only in view of the Welthungers not a beautiful matter, but also the wallet suffers under it. Leftover kitchen is the solution to properly utilize the valuable food left over from the last meal.

Noodle from the day before, ripe fruit, old bread – the leftover kitchen knows how to use such food. In order to keep an overview of what you can still use to create a meal without stomach ache and with full enjoyment, you will find some basic rules here.

The Good Two-Day Rule

We know it all: from the rice or from the noodles something is left again. But instead of transporting the ingredients into the trash can, you can use them without hesitation in the next days. The secret recipe? The leftover kitchen! Remember, however, that you should conjure up a new dish from the remains. Most foods do not last forever even when cooked. Noodles, rice, potatoes, vegetables, soups, fried meat or stews should be left in your stomach within the next two days. And the storage also plays a big role: Let the food cool down, pack it airtight and keep it in the refrigerator. If you have no use for them in the coming days, you can freeze them and eat them in the next weeks.

Restroom: Great Ideas For Meat Remnants

In particular roast rests taste cold on the following day usually even better than warm-up. So you can spare yourself the cooking and prepare a tasty dish with this great idea for leftover kitchen: Grab a wrap or a few sandwich slices, cut the roast into fine strips and place your snack. A little salad, a nice sauce and you can enjoy the food from the day before. Do you still have some leftovers? No problem. This ingredient is particularly suitable for pancake dishes or casseroles. Mix them with mushrooms, onions, vegetables, cheese and egg and put them all together in the oven. Crispy and delicious!

When The Bread Is Too Hard

Dishy bread belongs to the rubbish, but it has only become hard, you can use it wonderfully. For example, you can create crostini or croutons, which you use to refinish salads or appetizers. Other possibility: make dumplings, meatballs or meatballs. For this, soak the dry bread or bread and mix with the remaining ingredients. Tastes delicious! You can also just crush the hard bread or the rolls, until fine bread crumbs. Your next Viennese schnitzel will thank you this effort, because the breadcake tastes from these ingredients much better than the conventional from the supermarket.

Also for dry biscuits is a good use. If you want to bake a cake soon, crumble it and make a delicious crumbly ground. In addition, they spice up various desserts.

Overripe Fruit

According to, ripe fruit is perfect for the leftover kitchen. If bananas have already dark points, they are not ripe for the ton, but perfect for sweet desserts. Only now do they have their full sweetness unfolded and harmonize perfectly with various desserts, muffins or cakes. If you want to do something quick, mix a delicious smoothie or a buttermilkdrink with ripe fruit. Soft kiwis, mangoes or pears also find their place. If you want to plan and recycle in the longer term, cook the compote from the delicious ingredients. Simply fill it in a boiled glass, close it, put it on its head, let it cool and you can enjoy the fresh Mus without hesitation even months after the production. Brilliant restroom, right?