Ideas for Decorating Pumpkins for Halloween

Decorating a pumpkin is definitely the activity par excellence of the feast ofHalloween. It gathers with friends or family and our pumpkins are cut by trying to limit the damage done while we roast the seeds in the oven!

This year, it offers outside the box by suggesting simple and original alternative to embellish your pumpkins.

Ready to be inspired? Here, necessaryhome prepares 10 ideas for you to decorate pumpkins differently!

  1. Fleurie

You own painting skills? This project is for you! Here it transforms our pumpkin genuine work of art by painting beautiful abstract flowers on a dark background. To complete the look, paint rod golden .

Psst!: Apply a layer of white APRET before starting to camouflage the orange color of pumpkin. Your colors will be more vibrant!

  1. Confetti

Because Halloween is primarily a festival (the festival of horror and death, but…) is applied confetti on our pumpkins! For this project, you have to paint your pumpkin in off-white, paint the golden rod, then put pieces of golden sticker paper randomly based.

Simplicity with a touch of elegance! Read the full tutorial.

  1. Fruit or vegetable?

Because pumpkins can also disguise themselves, they are painted to give the appearance of fruit! To make this DIY project, get a group of four or five pumpkins of different sizes and shapes.

Paint the most voluminous in watermelon, other strawberry and pineapple, then the smallest citrus. You can even create stems and leaves from paper to contruction and paste stems pumpkins!

  1. Flower Pots and plants

Transform its small zucchini flower pots and succulent, you thought about it? Although this project is temporary, it can certainly last for a few weeks!All you have to do is empty your pumpkins, fill the earth and transplanting your plants.

To give them a look more girly, you can also paint your pumpkins pastel color to harmonize with your plantings!

  1. Crescent Moon

Transform his pumpkin topiary? Why not! To achieve this nice night pumpkin, you will need black paint matte and white flowers (true or false).Obviously, if you want this project to advance, we recommend using artificial flowers as real flowers fade within days.

Once your painted pumpkin, draw a crescent moon on your pumpkin and paste your flowers. Here!

  1. Cornet giant

An idea completely out of the ordinary: it creates an ice cream cone with two pumpkins and a cone made cardstock! Get first two pumpkins of similar size, then paint one cream and one in mint green. Paint small brown rectangles on green pumpkin to mimic ice cream with pistachio.

You can layer two pumpkins by cutting an opening in the bottom of the pumpkin cream, then dropping it on the green pumpkin. Then, using cardboard, create a large cone that you’ll stick obliquely on the top pumpkin.

Finally, cut a patch of ice cream in the card stock you place in your pumpkins to give the effect of a horn that has fallen!

  1. Mini donuts

Because Halloween is synonymous with sweets, we painted our pumpkins to make it look sweet donuts!

For this project, obtain miniature pumpkin (you can easily find in the grocery store), then paint the top in order to create a halo around the stem. Then draw small features various colors using felt to mimic candy.

They are beautiful to eat!

  1. Dipped

Here is a project that literally takes a few minutes! To achieve this, you only need two things: small pumpkins and party balloons.

Prune just opening balls, stretch them and thread them on the bottom of the pumpkin. You will get the soaked pumpkin Indeed, without the mess of paint!

  1. Neon + gold

For a “wow” effect insured, are married to the golden neon colors! To achieve these pumpkins, simply pick up the paint and golden spray of different neon colors (you can easily find in hardware stores or art supply stores).

Spray first one or two layers of neon paint your pumpkins, let dry, then spray gold paint on some part of each pumpkin to let show through the base color. Gather several for a striking effect!

  1. Unicorn

THE perfect pumpkin to decorate your desktop! Make this cute unicorn at will in a jiffy by following this easy tutorial.

A beautiful little project you can do with girlfriends at a beautiful autumn afternoon!