Ice Cream Sandwich Arrives Finally at The Galaxy Note Officially

Apparently, and as a good point s3rch, the update is being released to the terminals with the German CSC DBT, both OTA and through Kies.

The update features the typical solapador TouchWiz from Samsung, and not its new version shown in the Galaxy SIII (as expected), part of the already promised Premium Suite for the S-pen. The first users are reporting a high flowability and stability.

When will be updated to Android 4.0 Galaxy SII, just need the Galaxy Note as one of the large terminals of Samsung’s 2011 by upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich. With the delay of this update, they promised to compensate Premiumm Suite dedicated to the S-Pen, which is finally seeing the light.

And is that It has begun to release this update in Europe, starting from Germany, where they begin to see the first signs of Android 4.0.3 in this superphone.

The update is being distributed both via OTA and through Samsung Kies under the name N7000XXLPY_N7000OXALPY_DBT, so it is not expected that the wait for other countries lengthen too.

Meanwhile if you can’t wait that can be hours, days or weeks and you drive with Odin, now you can access the new firmware from the download a bit further down, brought by the SamMobile guys, as usual.

At the moment are unknown details about this update, that as I said, is based on Android 4.0.3. Although surely in the next few hours we have more information in this regard, of the brave first-hand, so do not go very far.