Hybrid Devices: Between Notebook And Tablet

For mobile surfing, as a music and video player, or as a reader for ebooks and newspapers: Tablet pcs are a small and lightweight alternative to the traditional laptop when it comes to multimedia use. For typical office applications, ipad & co. But only to limited extent are recommended: Although the virtual keyboards of the devices usually best respond, a longer text input via touch screen is very tiring.

Convertible notebooks, docking tablets and slider

Who don’t want to miss out on the benefits of a notebook with keyboard and simultaneously looking for a tablet as a

lightweight mobile companion, could come in later this year at his own expense. In the first half of 2012, some manufacturers bring hybrid devices on the market that will bridge the gap between laptop and tablet. There are different types of implementation: As convertible notebook with umklappbarem display, as a slider with sliding screen or as a tablet with attachable keyboard.

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Docking tablet: Eee pad transformer prime

The eee pad transformer is the most prominent example of a tablet with docking keyboard prime from ASUS. The tablet-laptop hybrid is apparently just the beginning of a new line of development: A presentation, the manufacturer has already shown his new models for 2012. Underneath, there is also a windows 8-tablet, based on an ARM chipset. Whether it is a further development of the transformers, but is so far not clear.

The first hybrid devices are

10 models notebook-tablet hybrid see intel builds new hybrid chips

Signs for a further expansion of the hybrid device class is also available at chip manufacturers. Intel showed yet restrained in the development of mobile processors. At CES 2012 presented the company now but two new editions of their low-power netbook processors: Firstly the medfield chipset for smartphones, on the other hand the atom CPU with the name clover trail. It is a chip platform developed by intel not only for tablets and mobile phones, but also for hybrid devices.

COMPUTER IMAGE test: Mobile processors in the performance comparison

Announced tegra 4

As one of the most powerful chips for tablet pcs of quad-core processor 3 NVIDIA tegra is currently available. His successor could be available but may be later this year. Since summer 2011 circulating rumors of a chip code named wayne, which there should be a quad-core and an eight-core version. The latter could also for the development of hybrid devices affect: Eight cores are likely to have enough power to represent more complex windows-8 applications on a laptop-tablet model liquid. Meanwhile, there are even first forecasts for the market launch of the new CPU: 2013 the tegra 3 successor is available.

Windows 8: A operating system for hybrid devices

The new microsoft operating system windows 8 will be perfect for the emerging class of device. Planned as a universal system for desktop pcs, tablets and smartphones, it includes a traditional desktop display and an interface that is optimized for the operation via touch screen. So the user has the choice: He uses the screen as a stand-alone tablet, he navigates through the menu via finger gesture. He uses an additional keyboard, he uses the device as a regular laptop.

Practice test: Windows 8 tablet PC 

2012: The hybrid devices come

Recently published documents about the hardware requirements for the new operating system show that microsoft had the hybrid models apparently have in mind during the development of windows 8,. In several places the documents reference the software group’s equipment, which can be used as a tablet and a notebook. In short: 2012 is not only the year of the ultrabooks, but also of the hybrid devices in all likelihood. (dd)