HTC Velocity Data Turbo LTE 4 G Android

HTC velocity 4 G
The good news: Despite brand new LTE technology, available exclusively through vodafone mobile phone differs very little from other android smartphones. The screen is 4.5 inches taller than about the iphone, but still good with only one hand to operate with. The housing (129 x 67 x 113 mm) is made of white coloured plastic and is hardly thicker than for other smartphones. A bi-color status LED informs about the state of charge or messages. The velocity brings 163 grams. A dual-core processor (qualcomm APQ 8060) with rich 1.5 ghz clock frequency and android (only in old version 2.3.7) provide for fleet operation.

Resolution and memory

The 4.5-inch LCD display features a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels (qhd) and 262,000 colors. The eight-megapixel camera is responsible for photos, video telephony and a front-facing camera with 1.3 mega pixels, there are self portraits. To save videos, with maximum 1280 x 720 pixels. (16 GB) internal memory is expandable via microsd card up to 32 GB, the memory is a gigabyte large.

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Internet with turbo

It will be exciting if at the top of the screen, the LTE 4 G symbol appears (4 G for 4th generation of mobile wireless technology). Then the internet access accelerating significantly: Even HD videos from youtube download immediately, the usual speed tests show data rates are currently partly over 30 megabits per second (mbps) at maximum 50 mbps. Soon even 100 mbps in there should be according to vodafone. Normal UMTS offers currently at best 21.5 mbps, standard DSL fixed network only 16 mbps.

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Battery and tethering

The battery life of the first LTE phones will be hardly worse than for other smartphones to the experiences in the practical test compensates for the higher power requirements a stronger battery. Practical: Can be used with the LTE connection on the phone to the notebook (such as wi-fi tethering). During the phone call, however the LTE connection is interrupted, the device switches to normal mobile technology (UMTS or GSM). Transmission of data to the laptop runs then if necessary with normal UMTS pace continue.

How much is the fun?

For entry into LTE vodafone super flat customers must an LTE option for around ten euros per month book, however, there is this option initially only for more expensive fares. Together with the superflat-internet-plus fare (49.95 euro per month), so whopping 59.95 euro are due in a month.

Iphone 5 and ipad 3 with LTE?

This is just the beginning of the LTE boom HTC velocity. Rumored apple introduces the ipad in march 3 with LTE. Whether is LTE capable of but also the next iphone 5 is still in the stars. A first LTE version only for the USA could, because there the network expansion is more advanced. At the end of the year but there should be in europe from every major manufacturer of LTE devices.

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Conclusion: HTC velocity 4 G

At the first short test LTE shows surprisingly mature. The mobile internet of tomorrow will be fun. But until it can replace the current UMTS technology, s still lasts: So far, the turbo in particular in rural areas is to receive at vodafone in düsseldorf and berlin. Therefore, the velocity is sold 4 G only in places with LTE reception. (cj)

pro of noticeable speed boost by LTE fleet operation despite large display is still handy counter test note of editors not present

Alternative: Samsung galaxy S2

The samsung galaxy S2 convinces with breakneck speed, contrasting screen, good sound and ease of use. The equipment can hardly wishes open.