HTC Publishes The Code of HTC Kernel Source One Google Edition

The Taiwanese company HTC still approaching the scene Android and the model HTC One Google Edition will bring a version as operating system Google Jelly Bean vanilla.

To facilitate developers access to advanced functions of the terminal, the company has just released the source code of the kernel HTC One Google Edition.

As we see in the focused page to HTC developers, the company has just released the source code HTC One Google Edition kernel. In the Download details we can see that it has a weight of 100 MB and it is version 3.4.10 prepared to work on Android 4.2.

Why release the kernel?

HTC is going to release a version of HTC One without his cloak software HTC Sense and, therefore, without their applications custom. This means that if don’t have kernel source code you can not access advanced functions, as for example in the IR LED control, or control the frequency of the CPU, among others.

This step is important in order to the scene since you can launch a custom kernel with enhancements and several customizations to the terminal HTC One Google Edition, for which we will surely see a lot of custom ROMs