HTC One X + Officially Confirmed

It was a rumor to voices, which spoke of just doing nothing: HTC has officially confirmed the One X +, an improved version of the One X, with which it shares its exterior design. Inside, a better processor, twice the storage space, and what is new, higher capacity battery.

That Yes, there is a small detail on the outside that allow differentiate it from a normal One X. In the One X +, the metal ring that surrounds the camera is bright red, which looks good in black, which seems that it replaces the gray military which provides One X both the white model.

HTC One X +, quad-core to more gigahertzios

The processor is the rumored: NVidia Tegra 3 to 1.7, faster than his brother, with what they promise a 67 per cent more performance than the One X. It seems to me that that only make sense if they have also optimized the software, because there is so much difference with the Tegra3 to the old 1.5 GHz.

The screen is the same, the huge, crisp Super LCD2 4.7 inch, with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. In particular, I prefer the colors of this screen too much blue range of the Pentile that spends the Samsung Galaxy SIII, although on paper it is superior.

Small big improvements

The battery has gone up from 1,800 mAh up to 2,100 mAh, at the expense of increasing the weight of the terminal in only 5 grams (staying at 135g). The difference in weight is negligible, but gives me that as to hold the battery it will notice enough. HTC promises 50 percent more long and up to 6 hours of conversation.

Internal memory, which seemed enough with 32GB although limited by the absence of memory card reader, It has been folded to 64 GB. To this must be added to maintain the offer of 25GB extra in Dropbox for two years, as in the rest of the range One.

Rear camera not receiving changes, or missing that it makes it. HTC already showed that it could assemble decent cameras in its terminals, and they did not need to improve in this aspect, which gave them such a bad reputation in the past. Therefore, it is of 8-megapixel resolution, with minimum aperture of f2.0.

The front if receives a small improvement, unnecessary, and passes from 1.3 to 1.6 Megapixels. It is still capable of recording at 720 p, giving largely for his main, video conferencing.

As for the sound, HTC says have improved the bass speakers of One X +, still carrying the mark Beats. It is a physical change, not simply improve software.

HTC Sense and … Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

Unfortunately, between the specifications published by HTC the Android version has been omitted that the OneX + will be released. We will confirm if it is Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean as soon as HTC we respond. Do not know the version of HTC Sense, which is rumored to be might be the 4.5.

We hope to be Jelly Bean, which at this point would be a pity that a terminal like this came with a version of Android, while the competition is already doing the duties.

UPDATE: As we suspected, HTC One X + will bring Jelly Bean Factory, and will result in the launch of the new version of Android to the range One, including x, S and XL. The new version of HTC customizing is called Sense +, it will also come to the rest of the range.

HTC One X, availability and price

At the moment there is no official date for his release, and less for the Spanish market. We assume that you will soon get here, because HTC Spain is already advertising the terminal in his Twitter account, although not yet and also on the web. It is unknown what will be its final price free as well as offerings that will have different operators through stays.