HP Pavilion dm1-4000sg (QJ496EA)

At the HP pavilion dm1-4000sg works the AMD dual core processor E-450 with a clock rate of 1.65 ghz. He creates an acceptable speed and is suitable for the processing of photos, music and videos. The radeon HD-6320-graphics chip reached an average 25 frames per second and thus is suitable for simple games like the sims 3. Find the test criteria for games in the article picture game speed determined COMPUTER.


With 11.6 inch screen size (29.5 cm) the pavilion is one of the major netbooks. The display is 1366 x 768 pixels and brings just as much on the image as the most 15.6-inch notebooks so, correspondingly less. Generally, the image quality is however well annoying are the limited viewing angle and the reflections on the display.

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The pavilion has much to offer: An external DVD burner is included along with four gigabytes of memory and disk space (466 GB). HP quick web surf without windows startup in the internet. A webcam for video calls is standard. As the operating system is windows 7 home premium in the 32-bit version to use. Microsoft office starter 2012 provides you with the basic features of word and excel.


The HP netbook connect an external monitor with VGA and HDMI socket. A microphone and headphone port, three USB 2.0 ports and a memory card slot are also on board. Wi-fi-n can quickly surf through the internet. Pairing your smartphone via bluetooth 4.0 with the netbook.

Battery and operating

Working as well as playback of movies the battery lasts for over four hours by two hours charging time is he fully. The quality of the keyboard is good, some small arrows are uncomfortable. For compute-intensive work and play, the noise rises to audible 1.7 sone. With about 1.5 kilograms, the pavilion for a netbook is right difficult.

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Conclusion: Hewlett-packard pavilion dm1-4000sg (QJ496EA)

The HP pavilion dm1-4000sg provides an acceptable pace and liquid plays simple games. Equipped with an external DVD burner and HP quick web feature is worth a visit. The HP netbook gets minus points through the restricted viewing angles and the reflective display.

Review conclusion: What you should know

The test winner of the HP is working at an acceptable pace and in particular offers good facilities. Thanks to the supplied DVD burner easily install software from DVD. Want to browse on the internet or make video calls via skype, helps the second operating system, HP quick web’s starts in just 12 seconds. The pavilion has an HDMI jack for connecting an external monitor. Too bad: The arrow buttons are a little small, the screen is not coated. Order this product at amazon DVD burner pro HP quick web of external space bluetooth HDMI connection counter display not anti-reflective no USB 3.0 connector test note of editor 2.40 good users rating now write a

Alternative: Lenovo ideapad S205 (M632EGE)

The lenovo ideapad S205 has a higher pace of work, for this is however slow playing. It is quieter and lighter, but not so richly equipped like the HP pavilion.