HP Digital Music Player iPod

Through an agreement with Apple, HP will soon pass to sell MP3 players based on the popular iPod model, know the manufacturer in Las Vegas during CES. In addition to the reader, it will also be eased to future customers HP access to the jukebox and the iTunes online store. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

According to the agreement, HP will integrate computers iTunes and icons on the desktop that refer users directly to the iTunes Music Store.

Apple sold, until such time, 2 million iPods and earlier this week unveiled the iPod Mini, a smaller and cheaper version of the popular digital reader (see related news). To your online store features a library with more than 500,000 songs and has sold more than 30 million to their customers.

“The Apple’s objective is to make the iPods and iTunes came to music lovers from all over the world,” said Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs. According to the reported by Reuters, Apple will manufacture the readers that are then sold to HP, which in your time, will resell to their customers.

Carly Fiorina, Chairman and ceo of HP, explained that the manufacturer has explored other alternatives, but “concluded that the iPod and iTunes service of Apple are by far the best”.

The agreement between the two companies is also intended to prevent the dispersion of the industry, currently marked by at least two major rival formats: AAC (used by Apple) and WMA (Windows Media Audio) from Microsoft.

During CES, HP gave also to know their plans for sale from next Autumn of what is referred to as “entertainment hub”, an entertainment center consist of a central storage device, as well as a distribution point and access to all music files, photo, video of the House.

At the fair, the manufacturer has to submit their future digital plasma screens 42 inch and 30, having also indicated that prepares to launch this autumn, a line of digital projectors for use in home theater systems.