How to Wear Shorts in Winter

Short shorts in winter–fashion tips.

Fashion is increasingly more daring and diverse. Have you considered using characteristic pieces of summer during the winter? Yes, there are the darlings of heat station and now with a few tricks you can bring this beautiful piece for our chilly clothing.

The short jeans is unbeatable, everyone has at least one in your closet. If you like so much of this piece, why not use it during the winter? It’s very simple, just use and abuse of the stockings. Colored, printed, black, Brown, gray or even transparent they warm the legs to shows and still complete the look. Use for day and for night. The jeans are very versatile and let the visual quite young.

Another option of running shorts for those who cannot do without being in fashion, are the leather. That’s right, the material-turned-fever in recent seasons now is the winter wedding with the stockings, ready to go around popping. They can be basic, discrete color or too colorful, as you prefer. Are more suitable for evening occasions, like a ballad or dinner.

Besides the leather, another super trend for winter 2012 is the tweed. The fabric is best known through the brand Chanel, now back in fashion in many parts, including the short shorts. Very beautiful and elegant it serves to more sophisticated moments. Use with Pantyhose and pumps, is a luxury.