How to Wear Men’s Shorts

The male is a short piece almost mandatory for the summer. Even more than this year promises the hottest season of the coming years. If melt from heat in the winter, imagine what it will be like in the summer. So, already starting to prepare, place the short male in your closet and pay attention to how to include this piece in style. The shorts are great alternatives to a ride in warm weather and even for work, for those who have more liberal work, of course.

How to use the dreaded male shorts

Here in, there is a certain prejudice against the shorts. In the mind of many, this is a piece of clothing that only goes to the body in time to play sports. Bermuda, longer and wider, are much more used. However, they tend to be very heavy.

The short male brings a modern look and stripped. He transmits certain visual sophistication, without losing the blithe air. Is an excellent choice for many styles on hot days. Since the strong influence of fashion navy last summer, he became a little more accepted here.

The secret to using the short male is the right size. The ideal is to use shorts ranging from two fingers up the knee two fingers down. Also, pay close attention in your time. For men, it is better to use short masculine knee line down. For the Netherlands, otherwise.

With that simple tip and a little common sense, you can create amazing visuals using the short male. Be it plain or printed, basic or colorful, bet always in the good sense. When in doubt, go on the Basic that you can’t miss. But, not to miss no way, we split up these inspirations on how to use the short male this summer: