How to Wear for Winter

We grant you: the early winter is rather mild. But do not mistake, the cold is likely to move quickly! What better way to prepare for it by opting for a leather coat? Here are some tips for choosing the best piece that will keep you warm this season.

Winter is coming! Winter temperatures fast approaching and it is time to choose the coat which will accompany us until spring. But now, between cuts, colors and materials, you can quickly get lost. If the leather coat remains an investment that will not disappoint you because it will be your constant companion for several seasons, remains to choose the model that best suits your body and your style. Follow the guide !

For large chilly

Ideal to face the harsh winter, the jacket leather remains an unbeatable competition that seriously coat from last winter. We like its versatility as it is both casual and chic. Unquestionably, this is the part you need to dial outfits as warm and modern. Not to mention the detail key trend: the hood with natural or synthetic fur.

We turn to the North Pole brand that specializes warm and comfortable rooms for the winter, opting for the Victory jacket woman . The slightly glossy peccary leather brings a sophisticated touch to this model is that, originally, rather sportswear reviewed by Transportint. Its originality? Matt black zips that gives this leather jacket in a total look black until faux fur around the hood.

How to wear?

The woman jacket is perfect for a feminine look thanks to its reduced padding that avoids the effect “ball”. On the front door all with stylish pieces to refine the body that may be slightly burdened by the jacket. Opt for slim pants or a sweater and skinny end V-neck, which largely suffice since the room is warmly padded. Attention, however, as his three-quarter cut it a model rather reserved for large or midsize women.

For sports chic

The parka leather is the essential piece for those who want to combine the practical with the aesthetic. With its classic cut, it will adapt to any outfit while asserting your style with elegance. It is also doing well in day in a chic, sparkling wit, in the evening for a more glamorous look. Finally, the various and varied cuts make the parka a model that suits all body types and all styles.

We love the simple elegance of the parka Dagmar de Verrazzano .With its trendy cut that is slightly close to the body, this model is both practical with its numerous pockets and warm with his thoughts lining to protect you from the winter. Note the thick natural raccoon fur that gives a chic coat and to himself as the retail trend of the room. The  short parka  Dagmar suitable for both large and small, through its short cut.

How to wear?

We told you, the short leather parka can accommodate any style.But our tip is to build on the rock side of this model with silver finishes, associating it with black skinny jeans and a printed loose shirt or shirt with style tartan plaid. On the feet, opt for flat boots or black pumps for the more feminine.

For fashionistas

Since Chevignon and Burberry have propelled this model on the catwalk, the leather bomber has become a staple of the female wardrobe. With its lining made with the wool of the sheep, it is perfect to face the most severe weather conditions.

What better than to embody authentic brand this iconic model of American pop culture what the bomber  leather ? That’s why we chose the  bomber woman LCW1257 Schott to keep you warm this winter. Because it contains every feature codes bomber by adding a feminine touch, it we immediately caught the eye. Besides that, it definitely riding the wave seventies who never ceases to prevail in our dressing room for several seasons.

How to wear?

The important thing with the bomber for woman is to feminize the silhouette while keeping his mind pampering . The LCW1257 model is rather the finer because its straight cut and can quickly give a full “barrel” appearance. Day, opt for a high waist shorts, opaque tights, a top fluid and lined boots compensated for travel chic style. In the evening, we put on a pencil skirt, shirt and pumps in a totally mindvintage .

For chic classic

The  leather trench  can associate with all styles. The problem is that with his rather long cut, it is more suitable for tall women or medium sized risk of squashing the silhouette. The woman trench  remains a must for those who bet on a rather classic look and seeking a room that they can wear all winter and mid-season.

Why we love the trench wife Anna Rose Garden ? Already, because with its reddish brown color, it is both trendy and original. Sweeter than black, this color is associated with any outfit and will be the guarantee of individual style. Note the asymmetric cut quite trendy this winter and belt feminine model. Finally, we like the button fly, making it a vintage model and in the air.

How to wear?

In a spirit both classic and chic, combine this leather jacket three quarter of a right or slim pants, and with boots with heels or boots.Up, bet on a shirt jeans effect, above which you can put a round neck sweater for colder days. Alternatively, a close-fitting dress or a straight skirt to which you add a pair of boots.