How to Use Wallets

Essential in the closet all we, the purse wallet–the clutch-it’s one of those parts that are born out of necessity, but become so beloved that end up winning the coveted adjective “eternal”.

Perfect companions for a night, plus useful to take the essential of life (lipstick, cell phone, credit card), mark style, charm, do revert warning. Rest assured: this little accessory is able to sign the spirit of the entire look, making even an elegant sign, since she will be well acomodadinha under the arm for the good conversation.

The idea of clutch emerged in Victorian times, when the ladies carried small bags with scarves and skirts to smell. But the frame of the clutch is apart of contemporary salons so gone times. It was during World War I the wallet became closet bedding basics. And all thanks to the rationing period, which made the little model be the chosen Women – remember that, during the conflict, the raw materials were scarce and the smaller and more dry, the better. Since then, the clutch was, for our happiness, increasing from day to day and being essential for special meetings.

The interesting of the clutch is that it is perfect to play with style. For example, when choosing a purse, wallet, worth betting on materials that you would never use colloquially, as metals, precious stones, feathers, straws. She also gets a touch of exoticism, as a model purchased during a special trip. And still look beautiful when tells a good story, has a memory, like that beautiful inherited from family.

That is, the important thing is not the value of the portfolio, but the design. Worth looking at fairs, thrift stores, shops of typical products, starry, which brands really fascinate most. And consider most special, as something to really get noticed and make a difference in your costume. We have chosen some models to inspire you, some who are talking with the trends of the season and other classic welcome. Choose your pregnant wallets.

Minimalistas Com clean and sophisticated design, are timeless and make nice with clothes of the same identity or with contrived, creating a welcome contrast.


Let sobriety aside and surrender to a clutch that will start smiles where you pass. Are great and animate any visual, even the most basic. Oh! And no matter your age, after all, the mood has nothing to do with date of birth, see?! In the photos, Edie Parker, Charlotte Olympia, Anya Hindmarch and Sophia Webster.


Our number 1 indication, i.e., very versatile, silver or Golden, are the first that you should have in the closet since they marry well with almost everything, providing a touch of luxury.


Pequerruchas and fine, usually conducted on hand in more glamorous parties or to make a scene when you have guest.


Embroidered, embellished, clipped, anyway, with varying effects that make them stars nothing discreet, perfect for imposing personality to visual. As well as the fun, are bold and will never pass. Shine with them.