How to Use Fabric Flowers

We saw a few days ago how to make flowers using recycled fabric strips: webbing left in the drawer for a long time, old t-shirts, remnants of Grandma can find life thanks to this DIY creation simple and very versatile. Now that we know how to make these flowers (has anyone tried already?), we see how to use them.

Let’s start with a use that will certainly appeal to mothers who during this period must study of hairstyles for their babies that they will make their first Holy Communion. These flowers can be attached to headbands, hair bands, Barrettes. Here are a few examples.

Pink and white, with even a small retina, which of course you can omit.

In this case the small circles are entirely covered with the same fabric flowers. For a ceremony, of course, I would choose other colors!

A scrunchie with attached three flowers. As with the previous one if you need to create a hairstyle for a ceremony, vary the colors. In this case, moreover, to attach the flowers to the support I would not use glue, but needle and thread.

For the clips you might do the same thing, smaller flowers secure with hot glue on a clothespin to clip, as you saw in the video of the previous post.

We now turn to a beautiful necklace. You have to get a felt base on which to attack the flowers. Watch the tutorial of this mom and you will discover how to make.

Do you remember the post which explained how to make cloth necklaces with balls of paper mache? Behold, you might enrich a few little flower!

Here are some other uses. A flower can beautify a dress to jeans.

A mom in the comments of the previous post, said that these fabric flowers might be a good idea to hide the stains that don’t go away t-shirts, I agree fully! Think of it as a white shirt, those basic from a few euros, can transform and become a leader with some flowers attached. Or even how you can renew a sweater that we don’t like anymore.