How to Use a Black Dress to Perfection

How to use a black dress to perfection. In the wardrobe of women you never have to miss a black dress. The black dress is the garment par excellence, because it harmonizes with everything and at the same time refined silhouette, giving the figure a nice way. This dress can wear it for going out with friends, to go to work or to go to a formal party: it all depends on how combined you.

If you want to know how to look a beautiful black dress, I recommend you to follow to the letter the following tips from

The black dress. Perhaps many women in his Cabinet over one black dress. Currently there are many cuts and models, the important thing is to choose the most suitable for your figure and their style of dress.

I, the Council which choose simple cuts that can be combined with all, as for example the Court Princess or cutting Empire. Dresses you choose should be easy to use fabrics: avoid the tules, Glitters, and lace.

Shoes. Shoes have to be chosen according to the style of dress, but you have to keep in mind that if you want something sober you can use thin and high heeled black shoes.

Good black dresses is allowing you to play with accessories, so you can choose almost any footwear: boots, boots, sneakers, heels, sandals, ballerinas, all in a myriad of colors.

The portfolio. The portfolio must also be chosen according to the style of dress: can use any type of portfolio, in any color. Large portfolios are ideal for day and for night choose small portfolios. It is currently fashionable the clutch and you can also use them for the day, although they are not as comfortable.

Accessories. Do not overload the black dress with too many accessories. Choose a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet: something that gives you a dress special touch without having to overshadow it. Hair can also choose any accessory: brooches, Diadems, tongs or a scarf or handkerchief. Accessories are essential to give a black dress simple color and a certain touch.

Black dress. The dress that can not miss in your closet is the short black dress, because it is very easy to match, both for day and night and for informal and formal events.

Printed floral dress. The flowers do not go out of style and fashion is this year 2015. And the easiest way to use the floral print is dresses, they can be short or long. Dresses with flowers are appropriate to an event or party, to go to the office or to be well dressed.

Neutral-colored dress. This type of dresses can be combined easily and always is the current fashion. In your closet can not miss the silver and the gold, because they are special for the night colors.

Long dress. A long dress can not miss in your closet. You can choose smooth patterns and colors typical, or simply opt for dresses that stand out and call attention.