How to Take Care of Curly Hair

Women who squander curly hair, you know that the wires need to be extra careful to stay nice and shiny. This type of wire, due to your spiral format, hinders the arrival of sebum produced in root to tip, making the hair more dry. To avoid this kind of problem we list some foolproof tips to not err in time to take care of your hair on a daily basis.


Use cleaning products for sensitized hair. They damage less the cord and reduce the dryness. Give preference to products without sulfates, silicones, petrolatum and parabens.

Women have always liked shampoos to wipe the hair, removing excess oils from the scalp and the wire, finishing the shower feeling really clean hair. However, in a dehydrated hair, porous and damaged, excessive cleaning ends up assaulting the fiber and resulting in dry hair length to tip, even with daily moisture can’t escape from this result.

Due to that fact, are up some cleaning techniques and capillary treatment without ingredients such as sulfate, petrolatum, parabens and silicones. L ´ Oréal Professionnel, as a market leader and always bringing innovations to meet the demand of consumers, has developed an innovative technology as the basis of new Cleansing Conditioners. In four different versions, one for every need – color maintenance, revitalization of the damaged hair, define the curls and smooth control, Cleansings Conditioners perform gentle cleansing effectively and promote a deep moisturizing for all types of hair.

Free of sulfates, parabens and petrolatum, is a perfect cleansing cream for hair with the most diverse needs:color brightness, definition of curls, smooth control or repair the damage. In four different versions, within the four pillars of the Expert Series-Vitamino Color, Curl Contour, Absolut Repair and Liss Unlimited – Cleansing Conditioner provides a very light foam. And, despite the texture of cream, cleans the strands and scalp with effectiveness.


In a country where half the women born with curls, the load out with Kerastase realizes the dream of them, Discipline is the Ideal first Curl definition collection with movement that reveals the grace of each bunch.

A professional and universal approach designed to meet the expectations of curly hair and celebrate your diversity, your movement through the first collection with Light Poo. A new extremely careful washing experience:the Light-Poo is the star that makes up the combination of a trio of products that together reach a perfect definition creating a harmonious movement and loose curls.

The Light Curl Idaal Poo, again the load out with Kerastase conditioner cream, the product is designed tailored to all women cached. In a search of always having more naturally, the formula is released for the routine practice of poo, this practice which advocates the use of products without sulfates and no silicones, which became a “must have”:the essential product round bathroom.

Calibrated to protect the hydrolipidic film, without and without sulphate silicones this formula cleans and conditions gently the roots to the tips, without taking the natural elements of the curly cord, already fragile by nature, preserving the beauty of curls and returning to fiber quality.

The result is impressive:in addition to a shampoo that cleans, with the Light Curl, Idéal Poo is light, the curls loose and set up the tips.


To avoid excessive dryness, can not miss. Focus on products that nourish the wires.

Many women are looking for on the internet the solution to their problems. But, after all, what they are looking for on the web? L ‘ Oréal Professionnel was behind the answer to this question and found that most consumers want to figure out the best way to stop the dryness of hair. To reach the expected result, they follow the advice of bloggers and celebrities and investing increasingly in coconut oil. With high nourishing power, the ingredient turned out to be fashion when it comes to hair hydration.

To meet the wishes of those women, L ‘ Oréal Professionnel has created Nutrifier, the first professional line with coconut oil. Able to meet all the needs of the hair fiber dry, Nutrifier guarantees a spectacular result, higher than that of hydration made with natural oil. In addition to the benefits of coconut oil, your formula brings the power of Glycerol, an active nourishing and moisturizing action.

Coconut oil, retains the moisture of the wires and reduces the loss of protein + Glycerol, promotes the nutrition of the hair fiber and has wetting action.


At least 45% of Brazilian women have dry hair and dry. Weak and debilitated, they tend to be bulky, armed and full of frizz. To tame them day to day, women frequently make use of tools such as blow dryer and flat iron, which combine mechanical aggression and heat. Result: hair drier still, rough, opaque, lifeless and inelastic.

To protect the wires of the assaults and nourishing deeply, thus preventing the dehydration process, the load out with Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique line launches, a rinse-free treatment to be applied before the brush, which acts under the action of heat. Termoprotetora formula and with Royal Jelly extract involves the hair fiber in a protective film crumbly, promoting long-lasting shine and softness to the hair dry and dry, sealing off the nutrients in the heart of the fiber. Besides, the hair is light, bright and ultrasedoso.

Nectar Thermique hits the market to transform the traditional brush an opportunity to treat intensely and deeply nourishing the wires. Women who have dry hair and use the brush regularly, at home or in the salon, will benefit from your innovative technology nourishing Royal Jelly based.


Use the lines right for your wire type makes all the difference to the beauty of your curly hair. Enjoy professional formulas available.

The launch of Curvaceous Redken will do with that curly hair girls throw away the flat iron and take: “That smooth, my hair is curly!” The new Curvaceous line is a professional customizable system that turns all kinds of curls, curls and spiral curls.


Two formulas without sulfates, no parabens and non-aggressive that offer different levels of foam and hydration so that all can find the right product for your type of lock:

  • Curvaceous – For All Curls – CCC Spray: spray for cleaning medium and deep hydration. Suggested retail price R $102.00.
  • Curvaceous-High Foam-Highly Conditioning Cleanser: for gentle cleansing and conditioning. Pack of 500 ml. Suggested retail price R $143.00.


  • Curvaceous – Conditioner: alcohol-free formula, 1 2:00 pm, delivers intense hydration and conditioning without weight. Can be used with or without rinsing. Suggested retail price R $126.00.


  • Curvaceous – Full Swirl-Cream-Serum: 2:00 pm formula 1 to let the moisture out and seals the moisture to leave the curls opened bright and perfect. Suggested retail price R $128.00.
  • Curvaceous-Ringlet-Shape-perfecting lotion: discipline the spiral curls with definition and frizz control, smooth and glossy and silky to the touch. Suggested retail price R $111.00.
  • Curly or frizzy, wavy hair need intensive care and, consequently, more gentle formulas. Especially for them, L ´ Oréal Professionnel has developed Curl Contour. With shampoo, mask and cream, the new line offers the perfect balance between nutrition and definition, ensuring perfect waves and curls defined.
  • More vulnerable to dryness and roughness, the threads end up damaged and frizzy curls lose their shape. For this, they need constant care to maintain health, movement and shine. The new line Curl Contour has the ultimate solution for the treatment of the wavy and curly. With innovative technology – Hydracell – Complex brings three revolutionary ingredients: Incell laying in the intercellular cement for a deep nourishment; Glycerin, that defines the outline of the fiber to give shape to the wire; and oil-emulsion, Rico-acids, fatty acts in the cortex of the hair fiber and nurturing setting.
  • But the great innovation of Curl Contour is prioritizing the use of milder cleaning agents and conditioning. The products Low Poo Poo and flipped over trend and object of desire who has curly strands. But what do these names? Low Poo means “little shampoo”. Are sulfate free products with mild cleaning agents that produce less foam; And in the Poo, is the hygiene of the technique without the use of shampoo. Why Curl Contour brings exclusively to mask The Poo for perfect nutrition of yarns and cream, with Low Poo and anti-frizz formula for curls defined, monitored and preserved.