How to Reuse a Broken Umbrella

Some objects, when broken, do not really seem to have any more utility or utility.But there are no limits to imagination and creativity.They are able to turn something that goes into the trash into something useful, beautiful, and functional.

You sure have an umbrella at home that did not stand up to a thunderstorm day, right? So here are some ideas to make him have a new face.

Tips For Reusing Your Damaged Umbrella
Flower Arrangement

Almost everything can turn into a vase or flower arrangement, can not it? It is that nature has the gift of making everything more beautiful. In the case of the umbrella via, place it with the cord up and inside the canvas, inside, to accommodate the flowers. Put a nice bow on the end. Use the cable to hang it where you want.

Light Fixture

An ultra modern light fixture can emerge from an umbrella. In this case, remove the fabric and keep only the frame. In it, upside down, hang several lamps. On the other hand, if you want to evidence the umbrella idea, hang it by the center on the ceiling and, instead of the cable, install the lamp.

Hanging Objects

Do you know those hangers we see in the movies that are near the doors to get coats and hats? It is very easy to have one too.On a wooden board, nail several umbrella cables like hooks, side by side. Ready!

Waterproof Bags And Backpacks

Remove all the umbrella lining and reuse it to make bags and backpacks. Count on the aid of thread, needle and scissors. The advantage is that everything will be waterproof, perfect for shopping or carrying the notebooks on rainy days.

You can make from bags decorated up pulls bag to your kitchen.

Other ideas

See the step-by-step photos of these pillows below on theSustainable World website.