How to Prevent High Heels Hurt Me

Sooner or later, will have to wear a high-heeled shoe, for any special event. High heels can be uncomfortable and get hurt our feet, especially those women who are not accustomed to use it. If you’re not used to walk in heels, learn and practice at home before going out. Then, following the advice we give to then be able to put the high-heeled shoe, which must not cause discomfort. Continue reading this article to Our site and learn how to avoid the high heels hurt.

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This is one of the most used tricks. About of 2 hours before putting the shoe, place the pair of shoes (in a bag so they don’t keep unpleasant smells) in the freezer compartment. With the cold, plus reduce your feet, the skin will adapt better and you won’t get hurt.

Special insoles

If the shoe is hurting in the heel, you can use a gel or silicone insole specific to this part of the foot. They will prevent foot generate friction with the sole of his shoe and hurt less. Are sold in any shoe and are really cheap. If the shoes hurt her on the front side, you can also buy some gel insoles for plantar support.

For friction at the top

If, instead, your problem is in the back of the feet because the material of the shoe is sticking, you have to do is spread the inside with a bit of moisturizer. Thus, you avoid the friction at the top caused by this outrageously high jump.


Have you heard of? Is a tool that has, where it introduces vintage shoes to go opening for several days. In this way they can give a little (in width). So the shoe will be more loose and it won’t hurt you.


Whenever I wear high heels, put some socks. This will help to reduce the pain that this type of shoe can cause.

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