How to Prevent Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back pain prevent watch out for an upright posture!

  • Standing: parallel, locker to keep feet shoulders, the neck stretch and push the pelvis backwards, so that the lower part of the back is as straight as possible.
  • Sitting on the floor cross-legged for the back is best: the buttocks are firmly positioned and the back is straight, without becoming upset.
  • To remove an item: rely on both legs and bend your knees (and not the back)!
  • You should also waive about 4 cm high heels in terms of footwear: first there is a fall risk and secondly, they increase the curvature of the back. Balancing health shoes are better.

How can you ease the pain?

  • Wear a pregnancy belt. He relieved, he supports the stomach and the spine and at the same time holding together the pelvic bone.
  • Move up! Practice a sport under the supervision of a qualified trainer: stretching, Yoga, swimming. These maternity sports strengthen your abdominal and spinal muscles, which is just now strong claims.
  • Lie down during the day to relieve as often as possible flat on your bed or on the sofa.
  • Travel prefers taking the train instead of driving that car journeys are uncomfortable for the back. If you can’t avoid a long ride, be careful, at least every 2 hours to insert a break, to relax your body.
  • In the 3rd trimester you should avoid to carry bags , to change (even small) furniture (keyword move!) and lifting boxes.
  • Massages are also soothing. Certainly they can wipe out a lumbago, but they help to relieve muscle tension and help you to relax. Your doctor can prescribe a few hours physiotherapy you.

A trained physiotherapist could teach the future dad some practical gestures that make easier the pain at home.