How to Organize and Reuse Umbrellas

Umbrella. That’s a necessary item that everyone has and we’re always dropping. Who has not forgotten the Blessed on the bus or somewhere else? And who almost never went flying with him in a rain with wind and then had to play it out?
That is why today, in addition to tips on how to keep our umbrella, we will also talk about how to recycle this object that is part of life for all of us!

Organizing The Umbrellas
This is one of those items that live out the House. To avoid this, gather all you have and put them into an umbrella.
On the market there are several charming models, but you can create your own, since we’re speaking of recycling and reuse.

Baskets, boxes, cans, even rubber boots can turn into an umbrella via Foodanddrinkjournal!

The best place to put those organizers is at the entrance of the House, either on the outside or inside.So they are always at hand and when you get back from the street with him wet, doesn’t come out dripping all over the House.
Are also great for storing the umbrella of visits.
If you have little space in the lobby, another solution is to hang them on hooks.
Look at that cool idea using PET bottles.

Reusing the umbrella
When your umbrella or parasol break, don’t throw it away! You can enjoy all parts of them.
With the fabric you can create several pieces, like those bags and tote bags. Great choices to take in themarket !

Already the cables can be transformed into hooks and even a super original!

The wire can also be reused, they were transformed into light fixture and clothesline pictures and messages.

If your umbrella is still in good condition, but you’re not using, you can enjoy it in the decoration.
How about putting flowers in it and hang on door? It is very simple to do, follow HERE.

Another cool idea is to make you shine. The visual effect generated by the light hit is very good! If the lining is white is better, but you can change or if you prefer, leave in original color even.

You can join 2 umbrellas, use it with the opening downwards, with the opening up and even uses them closed!

Party decoration
Be it weddings, baby showers or cooking, children’s Party, the umbrella will give a special charm to your decor.

I hope these different inspirations can be used by you to recycle, reuse and create very distinctive decorations!