How To Match The Pants Leg: 5 Tips To Follow

How to match the pants leg? If you come to ask you how to wear the right way these historic pieces of fashion, means that you are looking for tips to develop a gorgeous look and above all free of flaws. Probably you know that the pants leg clearly belong to ’70s fashion and women of that time, dive or not, they really wore all kinds, because they knew how to do it, experimenting and choosing the best outfits. However, it is not hard at all especially if you follow our guidelines!

Look Casual Rock

The bell-bottom pants are a big fashion trend timidly made a comeback in recent seasons. In addition to a mere matter of style, it is good to know these clothes are ideal for those with wide hips, because they help to visually resize the body proportions. So, thee Localbusinessexplorer has the right trousers for many pregnant women and wear them is extremely simple. The first look that we want to offer is to coordinate them with a nice top or t-shirt taste rock, so as to focus on a casual style and decided.

Look Chic Business

Make a business chic look or an outfit from the male flavor but by deliberately sought after traits, it is much simpler than it is believed. You only need to add a nice shirt, maybe even a striped pattern, typical of the man wardrobe and a blazer. For an even more refined mood, go for a peplum jacket with belt, like the one we show in the picture next to it, and add a few minimal accessories for a highly sought after and unique look.

Look 70

The ’70s fashion has definitely dictated the rules in this case and has taught us that any kind of top adapts very well to our dear trousers or flared jeans. Therefore, choose a sleeveless blouse, a printed shirt, a sweater or even an oversized sweater, a crop top or a maxi cape, dare with colors, possibly pastel, and with micro prints. You will be absolutely perfect, especially if you add a nice wide-brimmed hat!

Bell-Bottom Pants And Shoes

And now we come to the combination most important of all: shoes and bell-bottom pants. The only really suitable shoes for this article of clothing are the ones withheels or wedges. Sneakers, loafers and flip flops low shot (the horror!), Do not conform absolutely to the flared trousers. Favorite shoes with rounded toe or open sandals. What is important is that the shoes beneath the rim stentino to behold.

Flare Jeans

Finally, it is good to dedicate a paragraph to the bell-bottom jeans, a relative of the pants, which with more difficulty we can find within the various collections. Just like his colleague, we can match it with virtually everything but of course will bring to our air look fresher and younger. Seeing is believing.