How to Make Eyes Look Less Tired with Makeup

To be beautiful, even with a few hours of sleep, enough little. There are 16 special tricks that maybe you do not know.

How many of us are lucky enough to be really the favorite of Morpheus and sleep peacefully for 8 hours straight, as it should, according to studies and research. Sleeping is one of the most beautiful things that there are. Too bad it’s not so easy to rest properly. A little ‘for stress, a bit’ for the daily thoughts, a little ‘for climate change … in short, there are lots of reasons. It also methods that help you sleep better. Bluff the problem though sometimes it seems the only solution. as little sleep but still look beautiful fresh as a rose?! Here are tips to be beautiful even when we find it hard to sleep. (Damn)

1- Cream

Before bedtime is useful slather a cream all over his body, even areas which usually we forget as elbows, hands, feet and knees.

2- Burrocacao

In addition to the cream it is best to use a lip balm . Even at night it will make your lips very soft when you wake up … just kiss-proof.

3- Scrub

Not every night, but at least once a week is the ideal exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells. This way the cream will soak up much more easily. If you have a sensitive skin prone to redness, irritation will disappear early in the morning and you will have a beautiful, smooth skin.

4- Choose the pillowcase

A wrong pillow makes electrical hair and also encourages the development of wrinkles. Would not you know it ?! With proper pillow is a great ally for your hair and your skin. The top would purchase a satin or silk, which are given tissue that mostly respect the skin. They are very thin and do not create compression. An ingenious trick against wrinkles and split ends.

5- Cushion

Too low a cushion facilitates the bags under the eyes. Always better to use two of them.

6- Plastics

Although it is not really your first thought after a sleepless night, a walk of at least half an hour is ideal to put the blood circulation and give you a beautiful complexion.

7- Use tea

Not to wake you up but to reduce dark circles. Put two tea bags in the fridge and once cooled rest them on your dark circles.

8- Close the pores

Pass an ice cube on the skin for about a minute so that all the pores close properly.

9- Smell

When you do not sleep well we wake up in a bad mood. Smells good, however, can help us to smile again

10- Without a low chignon

This is the perfect hairstyle to disguise dirty or damaged hair. The same applies to the circle that can make you feel beautiful in a short time, even when we are apart.

11- Eye Drops

For the redness of the eyes does not get any better

12- Make-Up

Also if you want to mask the eyes too rimmed makeup on so we can get attention elsewhere. For example, quite a mascara or a fluorescent lipstick (which also increases self-esteem)

Oats for breakfast 13-

That’s right, oats makes us beautiful because it helps the circulation. The blood in this way brings oxygen to the cells.

14- Do you drink a lot

It is now almost certain that to have a beautiful skin must really drink a lot. Water, teas and maybe a bit ‘of water and lemon.

15- Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate helps our appearance? ! It protects against UV rays and makes us look younger.

16- Prunes

Ideal to reduce wrinkles. You did not even know this true?!