How to Make a Pregnancy Pillow

If you’re pregnant, know well the effort to turn around and tossing and turning in bed in a vain attempt to find a comfortable position that allows you to sleep. Not really easy to be able to sit with the bump, looked at the back pain and swelling. Doctors advise rest lying sideways, preferably on the left, because it is the most comfortable position for the child. We see then how to create a special cushion which will allow you to rest well during pregnancy. Will also be very convenient in the future, both for breastfeeding, both to combat back pain.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Sewing machine
  • one and a half metres of natural fabric
  • wire and tape
  • scissors and padding

To achieve this we need the cushion fabric the size of about a metre and a half long. The height of the tissues is generally seventy centimeters so it will be perfect and you don’t have to shorten them. Choose a fabric with natural fibres, for example a nice durable cotton or linen. Start by cutting the fabric in half exactly on fold line. You will get two identical rectangles. Take the first, fold it lengthwise and run a seam on one of the short sides and throughout the long side. You can go by hand, but obviously with a sewing machine you get a cleaner and precise stitching.

The result is a kind of long narrow cloth bag. This straight-side and then imbottiscilo to give it the right consistency. The ideal would be a sponge for filling in the appropriate form, but it’s a little hard to come by. Alternatively you can try to fit the towel, squeezing it and making it suitable. Should be quite soft but not overly soft and easy to crush. Should provide some support. Fill in this way all the cushion. Remember that it must be lightweight so you move it with ease. When finished fold inside the free flaps for about a couple of centimeters and run a seam outside to stop them.

Another rectangle of fabric for making pregnant pillowcases, redo exactly the same installer again getting another bag. We will have the cover for the cushion, allowing you to remove it and wash it whenever you need. Instead of closing the short side with a seam trim the edge with a rim of two centimeters, and apply four strips of tape in hue, two on each side, buttons or a zipper long enough. Enter inside the cushion, close the cover and test your pillow. Should be positioned on the left, embrace him stretching his right arm and let it go between his legs. The back will download the accumulated tension and the belly will find a comfortable support on which to rest.