How to Make a Handmade Flag

Allow Banner Printing With Its Own Pattern

With the right tools, it is not difficult to make and even create flags. All you need is your own model and a print shop, where you can customize the banner.

  1. Of course, you need a suitable pattern to your flags. Keep in mind it will be printed very large in some circumstances-to avoid a pixelated appearance, he must be either very high resolution, or are created equal as vectors. This will help programs like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.
  2. Design the pattern you want to print on the banner. If your flag is intended for an association or a company, it is advisable to print the name of the company / organization that large. If available, you can then combine again with a logo. Ensure large enough to select the flags and do not want to put too many reasons. Keep your flags clear, concise pattern.
  3. Have you been, you save it as a PDF or EPS file. In this way, it can easily be read and printed in printing.
  4. Bring your subject in a printing house, you know that these printed flags. Compare before various printers, to find a suitable offer and attractive. In addition, there are a number of online printing companies, where you can download a pattern and print. The finished flag will then be delivered to you.


Prepare And Make Flags

For other occasions such as birthday parties or a demonstration is often not worth it to have a specially printed flag. In this case, you can just make the banner itself and produce.

  1. Take a long bar, round wood handy. They are available at any hardware store. It provides the basic framework for your flag.
  2. The flag consists of cheesecloth that you can buy from Wholesaleably. Cut into the tissue of a rectangular piece of the desired size.
  3. With the sewing machine sew around the edges of the flag. Use this thread polyester. Four small pieces of fabric you also sew four bands. Bring two up and down the edge of the flag.
  4. Take the timber file by hand. Grind on the top edge of a wooden pole a notch around the wood. Here, the flag is docked late. File down below, where the lower edge of the flag is later another notch around the bar.
  5. With a brush and cloth, you can flag. First, draw the pattern or writing with a pencil in front and then paint the sketch.
  6. Let the paint dry completely. Then place a clean cloth over the fabric and iron for a few minutes over medium heat, so that the paint is waterproof.
  7. Join the banner finished using the straps on the wooden bar. You can install, remove or wave the flag now.

Have fun designing your flags!