How to Install TWRP, Multi-Language ROM and ROOT

We are not sure that each user can get it right, if your mobile phone does not work after installing, do not take any responsibility.

  1. preparations
    1.1 you must unlock Bootloader first. (If you don’t know how to unlock Bootloader, follow this tutorial: Guide MANUAL unlock BOOTLOADER XIAOMI SMARTPHONE ))
    1.2 download tool for installing Recovery: Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo, Qualcomm CPU) and Redmi Note 3 (MTK CPU)
    1.3 download multi-language ROM (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro = HMNote3Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 = HMNote3): click
    1.4 download the zip. to install ROOT (if you don’t need it, do not need to download it): click
  2. install TWRP Recovery
    2.1 mobile off, keep pressing the volume button at the same time “-” and delencendido, enters the fastboot mode, connects the phone to the PC, you will leave the notification to install the drive. (If your computer does not have the ABD drive, install it by Google)

2.2 selecting the folder TWRP_RedmiNote3Pro_Kenzo, press the Shift button, click the right arrow of the mouse, will exit the menu. Move to the “Open Command Window (W)” and click, will the window of mandate.
2.3 introduces “fastboot devices”, and press the “Enter” button, if it will be “xxxxxx fastboot”, indicating that the mobile connected to the computer. If not, it tries to install the drive again.
2.4 introduces “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img”, and press the “Enter” button, will install TWRP Recovery. If you will be leaving the texts as the image below, the installation completed.
2.5. after install TWRP Recovery, the original system of the mobile has broken, can not light, although it turned on, will stay on the page of my. He now teaches you how to install multi-language ROM.

  1. install multilanguage ROM
    3.1. when it finishes install TWRP Recovery, you can disconnect the PC. Simultaneously press the volume button “+” and the power, until the mobile off, mobile will tremble and will the logo of me, leave the power button, keep pressing the volume button “+” until you leave TWRP page and leave it.

3.2 selects a language, slides to the menu.

3.3 click “Clean”, and then in “Format data”, enter “yes”, click on “reboot system”. When it ends, returns and enters to reboot, click Recovery, mobile will restart and enter Recovery. (This step is necessary, if it does not, then the computer cannot be identified the mobile).

3.4 restart and enter in Recovery, click Mount switch Disable MTP to MTP Enable, and switch to MTP Disabled again, the computer will identify the mobile and will notify the MTP drive installation. (If your computer does not have the MTP drive, install it by Google)

3.5. after to install the MTP drive, the computer will identify the internal memory of the phone. Multilanguage ROM copy to the internal memory of the phone.

3.6 after you copy it, you can disconnect the mobile to the PC. Return to the Recovery page, click install, search ROM folder, click and slide to instal
3.7 after installation, click on restart system and restart the phone. the first power is going to take much longer than normal. After the reboot, your mobile has multi-language and Google Play Store.

  1. install ROOT
    Copy “” to your mobile phone, enter Recovery, installs this document. When the installation is complete, restart the mobile, you will need ROOT. technicians have tested this tutorial many times, effective remedy.