How to Have Perfect Eyelashes with Mascara

The endless eyelashes are the true stars of the upcoming season, bushy, arched and ultra defined by one wild and rebellious look, a true diva. But to get them you need the right products, such as mascara and eyelash curler.

How to Have Perfect Eyelashes with Mascara

The mascara is one of those tricks that most of the women within their own beauty case and should be replaced every six months or so with a new way, because after an appropriate period will dry up and form the many hated lumps. But you are sure to have chosen the ideal one for your lashes and above you are certain that will give you the effect as hoped?

First, to understand this we must start with the basics and understand what kind of lashes you have and if we apply it properly our mascara. The care of the eyelashes is key to a penetrating and sexy look.

Which mascara choose according to the coloring of the eyes.

The black mascara is the most widespread, but it is not always suitable for all types of skin and especially for the hue of the eyes. When you have a shade of very light skin it is better to opt for a brown mascara. Burgundy or blue mascara is instead indicated for those with blue eyes because it stands out a lot. For brown eyes shows the purple mascara that will make them much deeper.

How to properly apply mascara

The brush must be placed gently at the base of the eyelashes and with the small oscillations (zigzag) from right to left, bring it towards the tips while maintaining the oscillatory movement. And ‘in fact this movement that divides the lashes and make them look more substantial. Finally, close the eye and passed the brush on the tips of the lashes. This step allows to eliminate any clot that has formed.

What kind of an eye you?

few lashes

If your lashes are few they require more volume. Many of the women who experience this problem turn to beauty centers to increase the volume of their lashes with permanent or dyes to a mask effect that lasts up to six weeks. More simply can opt for false eyelashes a mascara effect or to “fan”, as Grandiose Lancôme with a new application technique which makes the eyelashes simply elongated, curved and volumizing, thanks to the stem in the shape of a swan neck that together high precision applicator, wraps all the lashes from a corner of the eye to the other, from the roots to the tips (€ 31.50).


Eyelashes court

For obvious genetic reasons, blondes tend to have lighter eyelashes and apparently shorter, there will therefore need a product designed to stretch. New, very popular especially among the VIPs, are the extensions, the newest extension of synthetic fiber and non-allergenic, apply one by one on natural lashes for a period of about two months, but already after 25-30 days should be retouched, the cost is between 180 and 300 euro. Sconsiglato for those who have brittle eyelashes. Alternatively Maybelline New York proposes a mascara XXL, elongated false eyelashes, with the new applicator claw with curved bristles of different lengths and tapered tip that follows the shape of the lashes to the maximum extension at the corners and a “cat’s eye” ( € 14.95).

Drooping lashes

Usually the eyelash curler is used, even if the most effective solution is the permanent practiced lifting the eyelashes, be stretched with a gel, fixing it with a lotion and finally tinged. The duration is about 2 months and the cost is from 70 to 100 Euros. Or you can try the new mascara Shock Collistar, which has managed to combine the exclusive Lash Curl Complex, a supercomplesso rich in natural waxes and film-forming resin, a special curved applicator which acts as an eyelash curler from the extraordinary power curling (€22.50).

Weak eyelashes to be reinforced

To improve the structure of the eyelashes and strengthen them need of vitamin B, which promotes the synthesis of keratin. Just enter in the normal daily diet, a small portion of a mile or hiring for a couple of months dell’integratori hair. Sometimes it is also good to check off a few millimeters the lashes and apply a drop of castor oil with a clean mascara brush as well.

You want more curved eyelashes?

1) With the mascara
normally Use mascara with movements in a zig-zag, curling the lashes to the tips, then hold the position and count to ten. Repeat the movement if necessary. 2) With the warm fingers Use your breath to warm my fingers and with a little pressure curls your eyelashes, holding the position for ten seconds. Repeat if necessary and finally ends with a coat of mascara. 3) With a spoon a spoon in a warmer d ‘hot water cup and press the curved side gently on the lashes for ten seconds. 4) With a cotton swab After applying the mascara, curl lashes after the lifting and tightening them into place with the help of a cotton ball for a few seconds. 5) with a toothbrush Transfer me a toothbrush clean teeth under warm water, dry it with a towel and gently pat brush the lashes from the base to the tips holding it in place to create the final curl.