How to Get Pregnant with Twins

Most prospective parents have a preference for the sex of the baby. Some prefer boy, other girl. However, some people have too the secret desire to have twins.

So, instead of having a sweet little thing, has two. If I’d like to get pregnant with twins, in this article you can find ways to increase the odds of getting it.

There are two types of twins: the twins identical twins (identical twins) and the twins bivitelinos (fraternal twins). Identical twins occur when a sperm fertilizes an egg, and during the development of the egg, this divides, forming two eggs.

For this reason they are identical twins, as they have the same genes. Have fraternal twins occur when two eggs are released, and each was fertilized by a different sperm. Thus there is a double fertilization, with the formation of two eggs. In this case the twins have different genes, soon will be different, with the usual resemblance between two brothers.

The chances of having twins increases when the mother-to-be has on your family history of twins. In this case there is a genetic predisposition that increases the chances of twins are born.

In women where the family doesn’t have that history, chances are smaller. However, if you intend to get pregnant with twins, there are ways to increase these probabilities.

So, if you want to get pregnant with twins, according to, you can resort to a stimulant ovulatório called Clomid. This medication has to stimulate women’s ovaries to release more eggs at ovulation. To be released more eggs, the chances of several fecundações are great, having so strong odds of having twins. But beware, we’re talking fraternal twins.

There are still other ways to increase the odds of getting pregnant with twins, such as the intake of certain foods, or the fact that getting pregnant again while you are breast-feeding a newborn. For example, there are reports all over the world, in that the regular consumption of sweet potatoes increased the percentage of pregnancies with twins.

When to get pregnant while still breast-feeding, it is believed that the hormones are not settled yet, let the woman more sensitive, releasing more easily ova in your fertile period, what does raise the likelihood of twins.

However, the most effective way to achieve increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins is through the Clomid. Already with regard to conceive identical twins, there’s no ways to increase the possibilities to do it. Is in genetics, or a random luck.