How to Fly an Electric Remote Control Helicopter

Many people enjoy the hobby of flying remote control helicopters.Luckily, electronics has gotten so cheap that almost anyone can buy their first helicopter or plane for less than $ 100.Although trained RC veterans make it look easy, it takes time, money and a certain amount of training and the ability to truly master the art of flying these machines.With a little luck and practice, however, you can learn how to fly your RC helicopter accurately.


  • Learn how to fly helicopters from a good flight simulator command.These computer programs, although a real flight simulation, can train to deal with emergency situations.They also help starting pilots with the problems of taking off, landing and banking an RC helicopter.
  • The word “pro” RC to fly your helicopter to get the fit and knobs properly in place.This will make it easier for you to start flying in your helicopter.
  • Start with small jumps, 6 inches of stable, smooth ground.When flying these little hops, adjust your chopper slightly to get the helicopter to fly straight without bench, spin or pitching abnormally when moving forward.
  • Practice hover your helicopter to 3 feet for 30 seconds or so.This will help you get the feeling not only for the helicopter controls but also for how the wind will affect your flight for that day.At 3 feet, wind will actually begin to affect your helicopter.Do not compensate the wind and blow the machine on the ground.If the wind starts to make the RC away from you, slightly adjust the controls to sink your machine to its starting point.
  • Fly your helicopter on a path from Figure 8 to 6 feet in the air when you feel comfortable enough.Watch the helicopter at all times and not compensate in turns and banks.The controls of the helicopter are very sensitive.
  • Keep practicing this rotation and very soon, you should be very good at controlling and maneuvering the machine.Consider requesting the RC air sample.These events can help you gain valuable experience with the advanced aspects of RC flight.

Tips & Warnings

  • If something breaks in your helicopter, do not worry. Most RC manufacturers have all their parts flights online and generally for a reasonable price, according to behealthybytomorrow.