How to Find Pants That Fit Your Shape

The Unavoidable

To limit spending and leverage your pants shopping, I suggest you bet on neutral and solid colors for your much more dress pants for the weekend.

This way it will be easy to match them with different tops.

Neutral colors: black, brown, beige, dark blue tones, shades of gray, khaki green, white and cream.

Make sharing your dress pants proportionally versus your casual look of pants to your personal and professional activities.

If you work mostly in classical and / or sophisticated environment, and you often wear pants, consider having 5-6 different pairs of dress pants and 1 or 2 pairs of slacks for the weekend.


Most women have a false impression on some pants cuts.For example: the skinny are designed only for those who are thin! Or new-looking jogging pants with the scale can not be worn on those with strong hips!

You should know that each can wear any pants cuts! It is to arrange them differently according to our figure. Simply a question of balance! up and make the right choice of footwear according to the trouser cut it wishes to bring to the overall look of our holding in harmony we must adjust our silhouette.

For example, a woman’s figure “pear” whose hips are wider than your shoulders would flared pants low to minimize the size of the hips which is a very good idea.

However, to expand her wardrobe and get the variety, I suggest luis wearing skinny jeans and match it with a top fluid and ample material to give scale to the upper body and so minimize the appearance of hips. The length of the top is important, we will avoid that happens where the hips are stronger.Ideally I would opt for a shoe with heels to lengthen the leg or boot with or without heel and create a nice balance and a modern look!

Another example is about the pace fluid jogging trousers. I’m talking of a cut pants with an elastic waist with the scale at the hips and thighs and ends rather narrow at the bottom. If we choose the material in a dress rather than relaxed, we will avoid having the air of a teenager! I would recommend to someone who has strong hips to choose a neutral, solid color, the match at a high square cut at the bottom and with a round or boat neck, so that does not bend at all upper body and that just happens a little above the hips. I accessoiriserais with an imposing necklace that falls on top of the garment to add upper-body and volume to equilibrate with the bottom. And finally, the shoe with a heel will last, always to lengthen the leg.

So you can wear the pants you want, it comes to fit your figure, your age and activity of the day. In Quebec, cold season requires, the pants is clothing that is worn by most women, so do not be afraid to vary the cuts, this will allow you to wear high fractions according to the choice of pants, and same time you will avoid the monotony dress!

The Unavoidable
  • pants right dark and pale for work and for a sophisticated outfit;
  • dark denim skinny cut;
  • Sports pants / chic stretchy right neutral color;
  • casual trousers yoga type;
  • novelty: Cutting fluid material jogging in dark;
  • a textured material or pants with a pattern adapted to your silhouette.